Best Air Purifier in India – Top Picks (2022)

Did you know that India records one of the highest air pollution levels in the world (according to the State of Global Air 2020 study)? Surprisingly, indoor air quality indicator devices reveal that our homes can hold up to five times higher pollutants than outdoor air.

Sounds scary? Yes, it is.

In this covid-era, you need to be extra cautious about everything, even the air you breathe at home.  Impure air triggers respiratory illnesses, cardiac arrests, and certain kinds of cancers. With India being ranked the 3rd highest in air pollution and with the novel coronavirus on a rampage, all are compelled to wear masks outside.
But when it comes to indoors, you cannot wear masks all the time. Strict measures need to be taken to ensure pure air indoors.

Installing an air purifier is the best way to purify the air by destroying allergens, bacteria, viruses, spores, mold, and dust mites.

How is air quality measured?

Air Quality

Air quality indicators tell us how clean or polluted the air is. Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scale that measures air quality levels daily. Running on a scale of 1 to 500, the AQI operates like a thermometer indicating the degree of pollution. Though our planet comprises nitrogen and oxygen primarily, it is contaminated by pollutants, harmful gases and particles that AQI helps track. The five significant pollutants that AQI tracks are listed below.

1. Ground-level ozone
2. Carbon monoxide
3. Sulfur dioxide
4. Nitrogen dioxide
5. Airborne particles, or aerosols

When the AQI exceeds 100, it can cause illnesses to people living in the environment.

Do air purifiers really work?

If you want to cleanse your home atmosphere effectively, air purifiers are a must-have. Air purifiers do an excellent job in purifying your indoor environment. It removes over 99% of impurities and allergens such as smoke, dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet danders. Air quality sensors detect the presence of air pollutants in real-time and immediately purifies them.

The filters (carbon and HEPA) and fans in the air purifier suck in the dirty air around you, cleanses it, and release pure air. When the contaminated air passes through the filters, the pollutants are arrested, and the clean air is pushed back out into your living space. Usually, filters are made of paper, fiberglass, or mesh. They require regular cleaning and replacement to maintain efficiency and cleanliness.

Review of the best air purifier in India

Are you confused with the plethora of air purifiers that are flooding the market? Leading brands such as Coway, TrueSens, Honeywell, MI, Philips, Dyson, Molekule have fantastic air purifiers.
But don’t worry. We’ll help you.

Based on our market experience spanning decades, we have narrowed down the best air purifiers for your review. We have carefully taken critical parameters such as CADR, coverage area, HEPA filters, carbon filters, power consumption, air flow ducts, turbo speed fans, auto mode, sleep mode, and healthy air protect alert and other innovative air purifier features into consideration before presenting our reviews on 7 best multi-room air purifier models below.

Here you go.

Image Product/Features Rating  
Our Top PickCoway Air Purifier Coway Professional Air Purifier★ Longest Filter Life
★ Smart Mode
★ Safe Filter Cleaning

Budget PickMi Air Purifier Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter★ Laser Particle Sensor
★ Powerful Filtration
★ Smart App Control

TruSens Air Purifier TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier★ Smart Sensing
★ Color coded display
★ 360 degree filtration

Philips Air Purifier Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier★ Purifies in just 12 mins
★ Air Quality through colour indication
★ 2+3 years warranty

Smart Air PurifierDyson Air Purifier Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier★ 360 degree Glass HEPA Filter
★ Intelligent Purification
★ Easy Filter Change

Sharp Air Purifier Sharp Air Purifier for Homes ★ Plasmacluster technology
★ Very simple menu
★ Doesn’t make much noise

Molekule Air Purifier Molekule Air Mini – Air Purifier★ Uses PECO Technology
★ Whiper Quiet
★ 360 degree of clean air


1. Coway Professional Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier In India - Coway

Looking for high performance, green, air purifier with antiviral features? Try the Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C).

Quick Facts:

✦ 355 sq ft coverage area
✦ Real time air quality monitor
✦ Powerful 3 stage purification system
✦ Patented Urethane Carbon Filter
✦ Multi Layer Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filters
✦ CADR is 303 m3/hr 
✦ Noise level 22-49 dB
✦ 5 years warranty on motor and 1 year warranty on product

Coway is the number 1 company when it comes to air purifiers in India. It is reputed for its unique technology, award-winning design and user friendly models. And the Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C) model is the best air purifier in India. It works better than competitors like Honeywell, Invisiclean etc.Its Hepa filters are capable of removing 99.97 % of airborne pollutants and 99.99 % of virus from 355 sq ft living room, bed room, and office space.

This Coway air purifier is tested by ECARF and certified to be allergy-friendly. Its smart design has an innovative air flow path for high efficiency, better reach, and maximum air flow. The real time air quality monitor has a smart pollution sensor that indicates pollution levels using convenient, and intuitive colors.  

Its powerful 3 stage purification system delivers a CADR of 303 cubic m3/hr with a power consumption of 38W. The 3 stage filters below have a lifespan of 8500 hours.

1. Pre-Filter – Traps PM10 Particles
2. Patented Urethane Carbon Filter – Deodorizes & removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
3. Multi-Layered Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter-Traps PM2.5 particles and eliminate viruses

The unique anti-virus green HEPA Filter is made of Japanese Gingko Leaves and Sumac Trees, which has a unique property to destroy protein on the virus’s surface. This HEPA Filteris one of the thickest (25 mm) HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter in the industry offering the best protection and long filter life.

Weighing5 .5 kg this Coway purifier measures 41.5 x 24.5 x 52.5 cms. It comes with a long warranty of 5 years warranty on motor and 1 year warranty on product.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Powerful purification (multi layer Hepa)
2. High CADR
3. Low power consumption
4. Low noise
5. Long warranty


1. None

2. Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

Mi Air Purifier

Looking for a cost-effective, wi-fi compatible air purifier with Hepa filters and innovative features? Try the Mi AC-M6-SC model.

Quick Facts:

✦ 484 sq ft coverage area
✦ Air pressurization design and OLED touch display
✦ Laser particle sensor
✦ Clean air delivery rate- 380 m3/hr
✦ 3 layer composite filtration – True HEPA filter
✦ 360-degree filtration
✦ Voice assistant

The MI AC-M6-SC model is one of the best air purifiers in India from the house of Xiaomi. With a CADR of 380 m3/hr, it offers a great clean air delivery rate in areas that are around 484 sq ft large. Packed with features that leading brands such as Honeywell, Coway and Havell possess, this MI air purifier 3 offers great value for money.

An upgrade MI air purifier 2S with 22% more efficiency, this model very easy to use and you can operate it using the MI home app. You can also use Alexa or Google Assistant to control air quality, temperature, humidity, and set the 24-hour timer and fan speed.

The MI air purifier 3 is equipped with 360 degree filtration feature, centrifugal fan, filter replacement indicator, and custom brushless motor that ensure the purity of air. The innovative air pressurization design helps purify the air quickly. Its True HEPA Filter has a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particle sizes up to 0.3 microns. The high precision laser particulate sensor alerts you about the AQI on the OLED screen. The super charged air duct reduces wind resistance and smoothes the air flow.

This MI air purifier 3 is ergonomically and intricately designed for a uniform air flow path and super charge ventilation. Its noise level is as low as 32dB, hence it does not disturb anyone at home. Its power consumption is less than 1 kW per day.

Weighing 4.8 kgs, it measures 24 x 24 x 52 Centimeters. The MI air purifier comes with a 1 year warranty.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Value for money
2. High purification efficiency
3. Smart and wi-fi enabled
4. Quiet and energy-efficient
5. Light weight, compact and portable


1. None

3. TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier

TruSens Air Purifier

Want an air purifier that is efficient, easy to use, and award-winning? Try the Trusens Z-2000 model.

Quick Facts:

✦ 375 sq ft coverage area
✦ 4 level purification and filter type- Pre-filter, Carbon and HEPA Filters, UV Sterilization
✦ Smart sensing remote sensor pod
✦ 360-degree DuPont filtration
✦ PureDirect proprietary technology

TruSens is one of the best air purifiers in India, with a great clean air delivery rate. They are Red Dot award-winning air purifiers that have received distinction for high design quality. TruSens Z-2000 model is 24% more efficient than competitor models like Honeywell and Enviroklenz, and does a great job in capturing and destroying pollutants in 375 sq ft coverage area. It also monitors your room and air flow sources in real time, to let you know if they require purification.

The Trusens Z- 2000 is a great multi room air purifier that uses proprietary PureDirect technology and innovative 360-degree Dupont filtration to make your house germ-free. Its 4 level purification unit comprises the following filter type and stages that ensure your well being.

1. Pre-filter – washable and helps filter pet hair and dust
2. Carbon filters -gets rid of odors and smoke
3. HEPA filter – takes out allergens
4. UV sterilization – destroys germs and bacteria

The 360-degree DuPont filtration captures pollutants such as allergens, VOC gases, and microscopic particles. Ultraviolet light sterilization destroys germs and viruses that can build up on the filter, preventing re-circulation of live germs. After purification, the PureDirect technology splits the clean air flow into two streams, delivering the purified air comfortably and efficiently throughout the room.

It can sense allergens anywhere in the room, not just near the air purifier. Even when this purifier is placed across the room, its SensorPod detects and measures pollutants and displays it on the illuminated display disc. Based on the SensorPod reading, the TruSens purification unit activates the 4 level purification to ensure that the whole room enjoys the purified air.

Equipped with filter replacement indicators, the illuminated, color-coded quality indicator in the LED display also provides numeric values that offer a greater detailing into pollutant levels. TruSens air purifiers are designed with simple touch controls to controls the three-level fan speeds, auto-timer, and UV mode. Its noise level is bearable ranging between 33 – 64 dB and can function efficiently in auto mode and night mode.

Weighing 4.1 kgs, the Truesens air purifier measures 23 x 23 x 56 Centimeters. It is easy to carry and move from one room to another. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Excellent efficiency in air purification
2. Low noise level
3. Easy to use and portable


1. Could have sound issues

4. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Philips Air Purifier

Need efficient and quick air purification? Try the Philips AC1215/20 model.

Quick Facts:

✦ 330 sq ft coverage area
✦ Vitashield IPS
✦ 3 Stage Filtration process 
✦ Nano protect pro HEPA filter
✦ CADR – 270 m3/hour 

Philips is the no.1 brand when it comes to Air purifiers in India. And the Philips AC1215/20 is one of the best air purifiers in India. It is capable of eliminating 99% of PM2, cigarette smoke, pollen, dust mites, viruses, and bacteria. Certified by ECARF and Airmid*, you can be assured of its anti allergic and safety features.

With a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 270 m3/hr, this Philips high efficiency air purifier can purify up to 330 sq ft area in under 21 minutes. The VitaShield Intelligent Purification System (IPS) is a high-performance air purification technology that reduces the effect of unhealthy air on your family. Its nano protect pro filter boosts the CADR to 270 cubic meter. The 3 Stage Filtration process comprises 3 filter type s viz., pre filter, activated carbon filter, and double layered H13 Grade TRUE HEPA Filter. It can easily eliminate formaldehyde, TVOC, and ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02um. The smart air sensor can detect PM2.5 levels and boost the efficiency and speed.

The Night sensing mode helps this device prepare your bedroom for sleep. It constantly monitors and delivers clean air while you sleep. The low noise levels do not disturb you while you sleep. The air protect alert indicates to you when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not replaced promptly, the appliance stops functioning, thus avoiding ineffective purification. This way you can be assured of healthy indoor atmosphere at all times. The Child lock feature ensures complete safety even when children are around.

The aerodynamically designed model weighs 5.24 grams and measures 32.5 x 54.1 x 21.1 Centimeters. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Intelligent and quick air purification
2. Safe child lock facility
3. Low power consumption and noise level


1. Durability may be a problem sometimes

5. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

Dyson Air Purifier

Looking for smart, sleek, and portable indoor purifier? Buy the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower model.

Quick Facts:

✦ Intelligent purification
✦ 282 sq ft coverage area
✦ Air multiplier technology
✦ 360° Glass HEPA Filter and  Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter
✦ Smart phone compatible
✦ CADR 70m3/hr
✦ 42 to 64 dB noise level
✦ Power consumption – 40W

The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower model is one of the best air purifiers in India. Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, it is an ideal choice for families with members who have respiratory ailments. The Dyson pure cool air purifier is specifically designed for dual functionality, where it cools down and purifies 282 sq ft coverage area.

Monitoring purification settings are hassle-free in the Dyson pure cool air purifier, as it can be controlled using the Dyson mobile app. It’s easy on the pocket due to its low power consumption level. Also, it does not disturb anyone as it has a low noise level (42 to 64dB).

This Dyson air purifier has intelligent purification features that automatically removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants as small as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns). It completely eliminates dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, VOCs, and other harmful gases/odors. The Air Multiplier technology and oscillation feature project and circulates the purified air powerfully and uniformly.

The Dyson air purifier has a lower face velocity when compared to other air purifiers in this range. The high-efficiency VACUUM SEALED 360° Glass HEPA Filter and Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter ensures that the harmful pollutants are trapped and eliminated. The H-13 Glass HEPA Filter is pleated over 200 times and densely packed with borosilicate microfibers that aides filtration and purification.

Weighing just 3.7 kg, the Dyson air purifier is compact and portable. It can easily be moved from one place to another. It comes with a 2 year warranty on product.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Dual role – air cooling and purification
2. Lightweight
3. Low power consumption
4. Low noise level


1. CADR 70 m3/hr
2. 282 sq ft coverage area

6. Sharp Air Purifier for Homes

Sharp Air Purifier

Looking for an air purifier that purifies very close to nature? Buy the Sharp FP-F40E-W model.

Quick Facts:

✦ 320 sq ft coverage area
✦ Plasmacluster technology
✦ 3 level passive filters ( True Hepa H14, Carbon Filter, and Pre-filter)

Sharp FP-F40E-W is one of the best air purifiers in India. It has the capability of cleansing your indoors and bringing it very close to that of pure, natural air. Certified by the British allergy foundation, IIT professors (PCI technology), and 30 global organisations for safety and effectiveness, Sharp manufactures one of the trusted air purifiers in India.

This Sharp purifier eliminates impurities effectively on over 320 sq ft coverage area. Equipped with dual technologies, viz., active Plasmacluster technology and Passive Filtration, this Sharp model is the best air purifier in India. It delivers 99.9% purification and works on par with market leaders such as Coway, Honeywell, and MI air purifier 3 model. The dust and odor sensor turns on the color coded LED display according to the air flow and quality. Red indicating high AQI, yellow means medium and green when the pollutant level is under permissible limit.

The Sharp air purifier releases plasmacluster ions that destroy microbes, bacteria, mold, and mildew. When the pollutant levels are high, the Sharp air purifier goes into Haze mode. In the Haze mode, high-density Plasmacluster Ions are released. When combined with customized fan speed, it quickly removes all the impurities. The plasmacluster purifiers are not negative ion air purifiers that produce only negative ions. On the other hand, the Sharp air purifier produces positive and negative ions that destroy and suppress the activity of airborne microbes, viruses, and mold.

The 3 passive filters comprise a micron-mesh pre-filter, active carbon filter, and true Hepa filter. These filters eliminate 99.9 % of 0.3 micron microbes. Offering 20° air flow, the Sharp purifier helps clean and purify the air from the roof to the floor. It collects dust at lower levels of the room and decreases the static electricity in the room for more effective cleaning. Sharp Air purifiers have a low noise level and offer quiet sleep along with purified air.

Weighing 4.7 kg, the Sharp air purifier comes with a 1 year warranty.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Provides pure, natural air
2. Uses advanced technology
3. Safe and efficient
4. Low noise level and lightweight


1. None.

7. Molekule Air Mini – Air Purifier

Molekule Air Purifier

Want high efficiency, ozone-free purification from a mini air purifier? Buy the Molekule MN1B-US model purifier.

Quick Facts:

✦ 250 sq ft coverage area
✦ Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology 
✦ Multilayer PECO filters
✦ 5 level fan speed control
✦ 39dB to 62dB noise level

The Molekule MN1B-US air purifier is the best air purifier in India in the miniature category. It is an Edison award-winning purifier that is refined over 25 years of intensive research and validated by independent testing & university research labs. When compared to competitors like Honeywell, Havell, and GE, it delivers superior purification.

This mini unit is capable of purifying the air in rooms that are 250 sq ft large. This Molekule air purifier uses Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology to destroy viruses, VOCs, allergens, bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is wi-fi compatible, and you can operate from any corner of your home. You can also customize the Molekule mini-unit by adjusting the 5 level fan speed. The Molekule unit follows the steps below to deliver amazing purification.

360 degree intake– Sucks in air from all directions uniformly
Particle capture – The high-efficiency filter layers captures the dust particles
PECO process – The PECO filter layers coated with nano catalysts react to light and destroy all the pollutants
360 degree disbursal – The purified air is then dispersed on all the sides uniformly

Thus, the Molekule mini air purifier helps effectively cleanse the areas around your living space. It also tracks the PECO filter status and lets you know when it is time to replace the filter.

This mini purifier comes with a thoughtful design and a felt handle that enables the easy movement from one place to another. Its power consumption is quite low at 20 W/h at the lowest speed and 55 W/h at the highest speed. The noise levels too are very low, ranging between 39 and 62 dB.

As it weighs 5.2 kgs and measures 21 x 21 x 30.5 cms, it is very compact and can be easily carried anywhere. The Molekule MN1B-US model comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Here are its pros and cons.


1. Smart, efficient air purification
2. Compact and portable
3. Low noise level


1. No smart sensors

The Verdict

Now it’s time for the big verdict.

1. Best Air Purifier For Home Overall  – Coway Air Purifier

Yes, Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C) is the best air purifier in India, with amazing overall performance.

Wonder why this Coway model is our top pick?

Here are the key reasons.

★ Most efficient purification features
★ CADR test – 303 m3/hr 
★ Removes 99.97 % of Airborne pollutants & 99.99 % of Virus & Allergens from the air around 355 sq ft coverage area
★ Patented filter technology – 3 level filters
★ Low power consumption and low noise level

So it is our top pick among best air purifiers in India.

2. Budget Pick – Mi Air Purifier

Packed with the best features at the lowest cost, the MI air purifier is our budget pick.
Here are more reasons why?

★ 406 sq ft coverage area
★ CADR – 380 m3/hr
★ 3 layer composite filtration (360 degree filter, coconut activated carbon filter, HEPA filter)
★ Dual-blower 4-duct circulation system
★ Wi-fi enabled and can be controlled by mobile app and voice assistants(Alexa and Google Assistant)
★ Can be operated in night mode, auto mode, and high speed mode
★ Low power consumption, low noise level

3. Best Smart Air Purifier In India – Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Equipped with wi-fi enabled features, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower model is the best smart air purifier in India.

Here are more reasons why?

★ Intelligent purification features, air multiplier technology that removes 99.95% of allergens as small as ★ PM 0.1 (0.1 microns)
★ Dual functions – Purifies and Cools
★ Large coverage area, high CADR
★ Smartphone compatible
★ Low power consumption, low noise level
★ 360° Glass HEPA Filter and  Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter

Buying an air purifier: 10 things not to miss

Air purifier

New to the world of air purifiers?

Don’t worry. As a new customer, here are 10 things you must have in mind while choosing the best air purifier in India.

1. Technology and modes

The right technology plays a significant role in increasing the efficiency of filtration and purification. While buying air purifiers, you must ensure that the company deploys technology that is innovative and proven. It should be able to operate well in auto mode, sleep mode, and turbo speed mode.


The Clean air delivery rate (CADR) tells you how many cubic feet of air (m3/hr) the purifier can filter in one hour. A higher CADR value means faster purification. Make sure you choose an air purifier with a high CADR value for your coverage area.

3. Coverage area

Having your room size in mind is very important, as each air purifier caters to a particular coverage area(in sq ft). Bigger spaces will require larger models. For greater efficiency, customers must make sure they choose air purifier features that can work well in a 20-40% greater coverage area than your room.

4. Filter type

Filters play a significant role in removing dust and particulate matter. When you buy air purifiers, prefer models that come with at least 3 filter type s or levels. Check if your favorite model has pre-filters, activated carbon filters, and true HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters with antimicrobial/antiviral properties. Ensure you choose a unit with HEPA filters for great cleansing ability. Also, your preferred unit must come with filter replacement indicators to maintain the cleanliness of air. Dirty filters will only result in polluted air.

5. Noise level

Because air purifiers come with fans, they may emit a lot of sound which can disturb household activities and cause noise pollution. Ensure your air purifier comes with a low noise level between 30 to 60dB.

6. ACH – Air Changes Per Hour

The ACH or Air Changes per Hour refers to the number of times, the air purifier has cleaned the coverage area during an hour. 5 to 6 ACH rating is ideal for an air purifier to negate the impact of allergens and pollutants.

7. Power consumption

If you want to save money on electricity bills, you must invest in an energy-efficient air purifier with low power consumption.

8. Portability and design

Ensure that your favorite purifier model has a sleek design and is compact and low weight with ergonomic handles and wheels. Only then will you be able to carry your air purifier easily from one room to another based on your need.

9. Air quality sensors

Choosing air purifiers that come with real-time air quality sensors is an added advantage. They will help you figure out which place in your home is most polluted. Based on this information you can place the air purifier at the source of air flow to make the most of your unit.

10. Wi-fi compatibility

In today’s world of hyper-connectivity and smartphone proliferation, wireless network compatibility is a huge plus point in any device. There are air purifiers in the market that come with wi-fi compatibility and can be controlled using voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant or using a mobile app.

Where is the best place to put an air purifier in the house?

Where do u place

Want to get the most out of your air purifier?

Then you must place it at the right place.

You can increase over 20% purifying efficiency by placing it in the best place. Jamming it in your room’s corner or near your bed will not deliver optimal purification. In fact, improper placement will drastically reduce the cleansing effect. You may lose over 50% of overall capacity if your unit is placed away from a pollutant source or out of the air flow path.

Most companies, even the best air purifiers in India, do not come with placement information.
But don’t worry. You can follow our tips below to determine the best place to station your air purifier and improve its efficiency.

Place near the highest concentration of pollutants and bad odor

First, you need to identify where the concentration of pollutants is highest in your room. Where do you sense the highest presence of smoke, bad odor, or any other pollutants? Use your eyes, nose, and other senses to check for mold, visible dust particles, pet dander, tobacco smoke, oil smoke, etc. Also, think about spaces where you have allergic reactions such as sneezing, skin reactions, etc. These spaces are potential suspects too.

For identifying harmful gases, smoke, and pollutants that are beyond naked recognition, you can use an air quality indicator in your room. Today most air purifiers come with air quality monitors. So you can easily identify the spot in your room where the pollution level is high.

The air purifier must be stationed where there the concentration of pollutants is the highest. This way you can reduce the pollution level easily.

Place near the source of pollution

The sooner you get to the source of an issue, the quicker you can resolve it. Identify the source of pollution. See if it is your beloved dog or cat whose pet danders are causing the allergy. Find out space from where the smoke and harmful gases are entering your room.

Place your air purifier near the source. It could be near your pet or near the window, or the kitchen door. This step will help you quickly and easily reduce the impurities and pollution level.

Place in the right coverage area

Every air purifier is built with a specific coverage area in mind. If the coverage area of your unit is 200 sq ft, you must not place your air purifier in a 500 sq ft basement. This would plummet your air purifier’s efficacy. To make the most of your air purifier, place it in a room with the right sq ft coverage area.

Place 3-5 feet off the ground

Indoor air circulation usually occurs horizontally and vertically. It flows horizontally from one door through another or vertically from the floor to the ceiling. When the air moves vertically up towards to ceiling, it becomes hotter when compared to air around the ground. Since indoor impurities such as particulate matter, pet dander, and harmful gases are generally suspended in the air, it makes sense to place your air purifier 3 to 5 feet off the ground. This placement will make sure that all the impurities are filtered and gotten rid of.

The best way to most of this elevated placement is hang the air purifier unit against the wall like a painting. But ensure you secure it firmly to avoid falling, breakage and accidents.

Place in the high air flow zone

Air purifiers usually work by sucking in the impure air, cleansing and releasing the pure air back to the room. They work best in spaces with the highest amount of airflow, like near your doors, windows, hallways, etc. As air that flows in contains large particle size pollutants and dust, the air purifier will do a great job in cleaning them. When placed where outdoor air enters the home, these air purifiers act as the first line of defense against infection and pollution.

Remember that any air purifier should have at least 3 feet of space in all directions for maximum capacity functioning.

Where should you not place an air purifier?

Now that we have broadly converted ideal spots at home to place your air purifier, here is a list of places you should not place your purification unit.

1. High humidity spaces like a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen, etc.
2. Near obstacles such as high furniture, cupboards, etc.
3. Near electronic items such as TV, microwave, and radio to avoid electronic wave interference
4. Places or corners where air flow is low

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

Best air purifiers cleanse your indoor air from 45 minutes to 3 hours span. The speed of purification depends on factors such as the chosen power setting, filter type, air flow and Air Change per Hour (ACH) rate, and CADR.

Check out these ten ways to purify your home naturally?

indian modern home

Want to cleanse your indoor air naturally? Here are 10 easy ways.

1. Use indoor plants
Most indoor house plants play a great role in cleansing the indoor air at home. Plants such as English ivy, areca palm, aloe vera, snake plant, and dracaena eliminate VOCs,  benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide from the air. Ensure you plant these air cleaners to make your space clean and beautiful.

2. Diffuse essential oils
Essential oils such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil have anti-microbial and purifying properties. You can add them in diffusers to remove toxins, humidify and make your living atmosphere peaceful.

3. Prefer LED or beeswax candles
Candles usually have a calming and stress-relieving effect. But paraffin candles emanate harmful gas and smoke. Hence use candles made of bee wax for clean natural burning. Or better, choose LED candles for a smoke-free calming experience.

4. Keep your footwear outside
Your shoes can be dirtier than your toilet seat. So, when you walk inside your home, ensure you leave them out. It could keep your indoor air and floor cleaner.

5. Groom your pets outdoors
If you have pets at home, you can be 100% sure of pet dander and hair in the air. To avoid these impurities, ensure you groom your pet outdoors regularly.

6. Condition your indoor air
Switching on your air conditioner is a great way to purify your indoor space. As it works similar to an air purifier, it helps cleanse indoor air to a certain extent.

7. Opt for non-toxic cleaning agents
Most cleaning detergents contain toxic substances that can irritate your eye, nose, and skin. Use non-toxic natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils to clean in a natural, chemical-free manner.

8. Clean mold and other fungi
Whenever you see mold or any other fungi growing, be first to clean them. They usually release spores that can damage the air quality at home.

9. Air dry clothes and furniture
Having wet clothes and newly bought furniture inside can cause a bad odor that impacts the air quality. Air dry wet laundry to avoid bad odor and keep new furniture in the sun to remove VOCs, and gases from paint, varnish, glue, and construction materials.

10. Cook with high smoking point oil
Cooking smoke is often an overlooked part of air pollution. To avoid too much smoke and burnt oil smell, use oils with a high smoking points.

All the above-mentioned tips will help you prevent indoor air pollution to a certain extent. But if you want to completely escape from the ill effects of poor indoor air quality, you need the best air purifiers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I move my air purifier from room to room?

Yes, air purifiers are usually compact, lightweight, and portable with ergonomic wheels and handles. Thus you can easily move them from one room to another.

2. Which way should an air purifier face?

The position of the air purifier depends on your preference. Some people may get a headache if the air is pumped onto their faces. So depending on your preference, you can place the air purifier in places of your choice. But ensure that there is no obstacle near the fans.

3. Do you leave air purifier on all day?

Since pollutants can enter the air anytime, you need to run the air purifier all day. This will ensure your home is fresh and clean when you and your family return from work or school.

Wrapping Up

The long-term impact of air pollution at home is terrifying. To maintain good health and stress-free life, you need the assurance of clean, fresh air at home. The best way to purify the air around your living space is by using the best air purifier in India.

Check out our reviews above and choose the right air purifier company and model for your living space. You can buy them conveniently at no-cost EMIs on online portals.

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