How to whip cream in mixer grinder

With home baking on the rise, there are more and more people each day looking for ways to make things easier at home. One common ingredient that can turn any dessert into a delicious treat is whipped cream. It is not something that is readily available at all places. But the good news is, you can make your own whipped cream at home. To add to it, you can make whipped cream in a mixer grinder as well! You need not require any fancy kitchen appliances like a food processor, electric beater, or electric blender. Whipped cream can be used to decorate cakes, as toppings for brownies, cookies, over a tall jar of fresh juice, ice cream, or even over a cup of chocolate milk!

With that said, let us get started.

Can we beat whipping cream in mixer grinder?

How to whip cream in mixer grinder

With some consistent practice, you can master making whipped cream in mixer grinder. Using a mixer grinder to whip cream is also quicker, easier, and takes less time to clean. Here is how you make your whipped cream in a mixer grinder!

Get ready with some icing sugar, to suit your need for sweetness, regular whipping cream with a minimum of 30% fat content, and a small amount of vanilla extract.

Before you get started, leave the mixer grinder’s blending jar in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours (without the lid). Do not leave for more than an hour if it is made out of glass.

★ Let the whipping cream chill in the refrigerator in the meantime. Note, just chill, not freeze.

★ After you take the blender out from the freezer you have to work fast. Add the chilled cream into the frozen jar. Remember not to add any more than a quarter of the capacity of the blender jar. This is because the cream needs space to be whipped.

★ You can either use the whip button or you can set the blender on the highest speed setting. Different mixer grinders will take different times to whip cream. After the first 30 seconds, check on how far the cream has progressed.

★ Pay attention to the noise the mixer makes. The initial sound you hear will have a certain amount of friction in it. This will change into a plain blending sound. Check on the cream again when this happens.
Use a steel spoon or spatula to check if your whipped cream has got any soft peaks. Continue to whip for a few more seconds until your cream has thickened to form soft peaks when you attempt to take it using the spatula.

★ Once you get the soft peaks add in the icing sugar and the vanilla extract. Do not overdo the sugar, add in small portions so that you can adjust the sweetness later accordingly. For example, 5 teaspoons of sugar for 4 cups of whipped cream. The vanilla extract must be just a pinch if it is powder, and 1/4 teaspoon if it is a liquid extract.

★ Continue to whip on high speed for a couple of more minutes. Keep checking on the cream every 30 seconds until you reach the stiff peaks stage. STOP immediately when the cream is stiff. If you go any further you will turn the cream into butter, and it cannot be reversed.

★ Leave the whipped cream in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes for it to set. Always keep it chilled and bring the cream out only when necessary, because the cream will melt at room temperature.

What is the whip option in mixer grinder?

Any recently bought mixer grinder will have the whip button in them. This option will beat an ingredient in vigorous motion to mix it thoroughly. The blade will move in a zigzag pattern when you use the whip button. You can try this option the next time you make whipped cream in mixer.

At what speed mixer grinder should be on for whipped cream

It is recommended that when you prepare whipped cream in mixer grinder, you set the device on the highest speed setting. This speed is essential to turn the liquid cream into stiff cream. However, keep a close watch for a change in the sound of the blender and the consistency of the cream as mentioned above.

Which blade is used for whipping cream?

If you are making whipped cream in mixer grinder, you can use the biggest sized jar and blade that you have. The size of the jar and the blade will differ across each model and brand. The large jar will always allow space for the cream to aerate while whipping. There must be enough space for the cream to double in size, hence make use of the large blade for efficient whipping and the large jar.

Why is my whipping cream not whipping?

Whip Cream in Mixer Jar

Do you think your attempts to make whipped cream in mixer are a failure because the cream in the mixer grinder is not whipping? There can be a couple of reasons why you are unable to make whipped cream in the perfect consistency. They could be:

1. The blender or mixer jar is warm.

2. The whipped cream is warm. This warmth will make the fat ineffective as a stabilizer. Even if the cream thickens from the whipping, it will lack the fluffy texture and fall flat when the cream is warm.

3. Whipping at a low speed.

4. Whipping for too short or too long. Whipping for too short will not give you thickness, whipping for too long will give you butter.

5. Not using the right type of cream. You must use whipped cream or any heavy cream, rather than any low-fat cream. To make whipped cream you require more than 30% of butterfat content.

6. Adding the sweetener at the wrong time can also mess up your whipped cream. You must add the sweetener the moment the friction in the blender stops and the cream gains some thickness. This is because sugar prevents the cream from thickening, thus the moment you add it in is crucial.

How long does it take to whip cream manually?

Making whipped cream manually can be a little challenging. However, it is doable. It can take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes to make whipped cream manually. You will get soft peaks in 3 to 5 minutes. After this, you will reach the stiff peaks stage upon persistent whipping.

1. Can Amul cream be whipped in a mixer?

When it comes to making whipped cream in mixer in the comfort of our homes, most of us rush to the Amul Fresh Cream. The regular Amul Fresh Cream that you get in all grocery stores has a fat content of 25%. This content is not sufficient to make whipped cream. You might be able to whip the cream in the mixer and it will thicken, but you will not get the exact consistency of whipped cream.

2. Which beater is best for whipping cream?

There are many handheld electric beaters available in the market that you can try. The one with the best reviews online is the Philips Hand Mixer. It has a powerful motor to give you excellent whipping and mixing.

You will find 5-speed settings to adjust the speed based on what a recipe requires. The product also comes with 2 types of extensions- stainless steel strip beaters and dough hooks. The model is lightweight, convenient to use and clean, has a long extension cord, and works to perfection.

3. Which is the No 1 mixer grinder in India?

Many popular brands have mixer grinder models that span across a comfortable price range to suit different households. One of the best mixer grinders in India that fits into both, the preferred price range and performance is Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder.

This model of mixer grinder is indeed convenient to make whipped cream. It has 3 stainless steel jars of different sizes- liquidizing, wet/dry grinding, and chutney making. The blade system is multifunctional and it has 3-speed settings. The body is elegant, stylish, and easy to maintain. It has a powerful motor that is known for its performance. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty on purchase.

Wrapping Up

With this, we have reached the end of our article to know how whipped cream is made using a regular mixer grinder. Be it using an electric blender, electric beater, or a mixer grinder; whipping cream certainly takes some practice. You can visit any top channels on YouTube save videos to watch later, and master the art of making whipped cream. Let us know which method you follow for whipping cream, which electric blender, mixer grinder, or electric beater you use, and how it works for you.

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