The Ultimate Guide: How to clear cache on phone

A phone will continue to collect cached data and the longer you use your phone, the more cache there will be. Before you know it, the phone will act in a sluggish manner, slow to operate, and frustrating. But, that does not mean that the phone needs to get replaced. It only means that there is too much cache stored in the phone and it needs to be removed.

With every game you play, or website you browse, or app you use, small pieces of the information stay in the cache that helps in going back to those pages fast. However, these cached files can become corrupted and can ruin the phone’s performance, or, there can be an overload of data that is no longer of use. 

Clearing the cache should be the first step you take if you sense any problem with your phone. If, after this is cleared, you still have issues with the smartphone, you may need to get the device serviced by professionals. Therefore, to fix the phone’s performance ourselves, let’s learn all about cached files and how to clear them. 

Why do you need to clear your cache?

Clearing Bowsing data

One of the reasons for performance issues on your android phone is due to the collection of cache. This cache is the temporary data that the browser or apps use to recall all related information when you open the browser or app. But, these bits of data can become corrupted or there may be an overload of information. By deleting cache, you are increasing the loading time of the web pages. You are also improving the performance of the device. It is a form of troubleshooting.

Moreover, the old cache can be a security threat. The web pages you have browsed through may retain sensitive information. It is easy for someone else to view this data. You get the updated version when you clear the cache and refresh the page. Otherwise, you will see the old cached page only.

What happens when you clear the cache on your phone?

Your phone works faster. Your phone’s storage space gets a little freer. It helps to resolve any website loading problems and ensures that the latest version is being uploaded. You also ensure that your sensitive information is safe and secure.

How to clear cache on Android Phone?

Vivo Android Phone

There are a few easy steps to clearing cache on your Android phone. You can start with the Chrome app, which is a default browser on your phone.

Clear Site Data

✦ Open the Chrome app on the Android phone.
✦ Locate the three-dot icon at the top right corner. Tap the icon and open the dropdown menu.
✦ Tap on History, select Clear browsing data.
✦ You can select the time frame from the Time Range dropdown. You can choose the oldest date of the cache you want cleared.
✦ Select Cached images and files.
✦ Tap the Clear data button. 

That’s it, your cache from the browser is cleared.

Clear app cache

Now, let’s clear the cache on your 3rd party apps. Just as the little bits of data that accumulate on your browser, your apps also gather such data. But, you may find that some of these apps do not open quickly enough, or close suddenly.

The first step to take is clear the cache and then try to use the app. The problem may have been resolved. It will free up your phone’s storage and troubleshoot the problem apps.
✦ Go to the Settings menu on your Android phone. 
✦ Tap Storage. You will view the amount of storage used from the available storage in the device. 
✦ Tap Internal storage under Device storage.
✦ Select Cached data.
✦ You will have a dialogue box pop up asking if you are sure you want to clear all app cache. Click OK.
✦ Clearing this cache will not delete your account information on the app. You can delete the account information in the same way, only if you want to.

Phones that don’t have SD card storage will not get a choice of selecting internal storage or SD card storage.  

Clear cache one app at a time or all at once:

setting to find cache

You can clear app cache from one app or all of them at the same time. To clear cache files of a particular app, follow these steps:

✦ Open the Settings app on your phone.
✦ Select Apps. You can view the list of all apps on your phone
✦ Tap on the one you want to be cleared of cache.
✦ On the app’s App Info screen, tap Storage.
✦ The next screen will have a button that says, ‘clear cache’. 
✦ Click on that to clear the cache from the app. 

How often should you clear cache on phone?

While clearing the cache is important to improve the phone’s performance, it is counterproductive to clear it too often. The purpose of quickening the loading process gets defeated. Periodic clearing will suffice. If you find yourself clearing cache just to free up storage space on the device, you might want to review the unused apps and remove them. Or, archive the stored photos and videos in the cloud. A microSD card can give you the additional space you require, too. 


1. What is cached data?

It is the temporary data stored in cache files to recall associated data when you open any app. For example, AmazonMusic might cache your most regular playlists so that it doesn’t have to load the song list each time you open them.

Chrome browser might cache an image on a website that you frequent so that it doesn’t have to download the image each time you open that page. Each cache file is associated with that program only. Games, websites, and app make use of such app data to improve browsing speeds.

2. Where is the cache located on Android phone?

On the Android phone, you can find the cached files by going to the Settings menu. 
1. Open the Settings.
2. Tap on Storage 
3. Select Internal storage
4. Tap Cached data. 
1. Go to Settings. 
2. Select Battery and Device Care (in some android phones) 
3. Select Storage

3. How to clear cookies on phone?

1. Go to Menu
2. Click Settings 
3. Select Privacy. 
4. Tap Clear browsing data. Check if Browsing history, Cache, and Cookies, and Site data are selected. 
5. Then, tap Clear.
6. In the pop-up asking if you are sure you want to clear the cached files. Click on OK.

4. What will I lose if I clear my cache?

You will lose only the temporary files. You will not lose downloaded files, custom settings, and login details.

5. How to clean cache on iphone?

♦ Go to Settings
♦ Select Safari
♦ Tap Clear History and Website Data
♦ You won’t lose any of the AutoFill information.

You can also clear only the cookies and keep the history:

♦ Open Settings
♦ Select Safari 
♦ Tap Advanced
♦ Select Website Data
♦ Tap Remove All Website Data.

Wrapping Up

In these times of instant information, no one likes waiting for pages or apps to load on the phone’s screen. We tend to keep refreshing to see if pages load any faster. It makes more sense to clear all the cached images and files that have been collected over the weeks or months.

The above steps to clear cached data should be helpful to keep your Android phone’s performance up, and secure by removing temporary files periodically.

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