How to find printer IP address

Are you wondering how to find the IP address of your printer?

Does finding the IP address of your printer seems like a complex task?

Well, it isn’t.

Printers are absolutely necessary in today’s world. By choosing the right printer, you can print anything from useful document to fun photos.

Finding a printer’s IP address is simple and easy. Here are some tips and guidelines that will help you to find your printer’s IP address even from your router, Network Configuration Page, with Command Prompt, In Windows 10, on MAC, and in Linux. Also, learn how to reset a printer’s IP address using just a couple of steps.

Why you must know the IP address of your printer?

Canon Laser Printer

If you are new to operating computer-related devices and printers, this is a very good question. What is the whole point of trying to find the ‘Printer IP address’. This is why…

The Printer IP address is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol. Every printer will have a unique or private IP address, provided by the router. The reason why you have to find the IP address of your printer is that computers need this to communicate to the printer.

This unique address of the printer is an identifier, which allows computers to identify or locate the printer on the network. When a user sends a print request to a printer; the device sends packets or units of data in return. These units of data will contain the information the printer needs to print the document.

It is important to ensure that this packet reaches the corrected host or devices connected. Hence, the computer attaches addressing information, which is precisely the IP address of the destination or the printer and that of the sources or the computer. This is the reason one must find the IP address of the printer connected to the network. You can check for printer network problems by knowing the IP address of the printer.

How do I locate the IP address on my printer?

You can find your printer’s IP address through the onboard printer menu. However, the menu screen where the IP address can be found will vary across printers. You can always go back to the printer’s documentation to check where you can locate the menu screen required.

Simplest Way – How to find printer’s IP address using the menu screen

Printer Preferences

★ Check for Preferences/Wireless Details Option on your printer menu screen.
★ You can see the IP Address similar to format on top of the screen.

Method 2: How to find IP address in Windows 10 Laptop Settings


★ Search for Control Panel and click.
★ Under Hardware and Sound section. Click View Devices and Printers Link.
Right-click on the printer you want to know the IP Address and select Properties.
★ A mini window with multiple sets of tabs will appear. The printer driver will either use a WSD (Web Services for Devices) to connect or a TCP/IP port.
★ Check in the Web Services tab for your IP address if only three tabs appear.
★ Look in the Ports tab for your IP address if five tabs appear.
★ You can find the IP address of the printer at the bottom of the panel.

Method 3 – Using Home Network – How to find your printer IP address from the router

Here is how you can find IP addresses from the router if you have access rights to a router. To locate your printer’s IP address with access rights to a router, like a router from the home network, can be done by going through the router’s setup menus.

★ Step 1: Open any web browser and open the address bar. You can log into your router by simply typing the local IP address of the router into the address bar. Now press Enter.

★ Step 2: When prompted, enter the username and password.

★ Step 3: You can find your printer’s IP address under the list of devices connected to the network.

★ Step 4: When you are granted access, search for the DHCP Client Table or for the reference to a client list. This is often seen under the Local Network section.

★ Step 5: Check with the router’s documentation or the router’s manufacturer to ensure this the method to be followed, since they may differ by router manufacturers.

★ Step 6: You can open the client list and find your printer’s IP address there.

Method 4 – How to find printer’s IP address with command prompt?

Printers IP Address Using Cmd

Are you wondering if you can find your printer’s IP address with command prompt? You can and it is simple. Here are the steps to find IP address with command prompt.

✦ Step 1: Open the Windows command prompt.

✦ Step 2: At the prompt, type netstat -r.

✦ Step 3: A list of network devices connected to your computer is displayed.


✦ Step 1: In the Search Box near the Start Menu, type cmd within the box.

✦ Step 2: In the command line, type ipconfig and then press Enter. Now, find your IPv4 address.

✦ Step 3: Go to a new command line. Here, you have to type ping followed by a space and then your IPv4 address. Now press Enter. Next, wait for the results to load.

✦ Step 4: Once it is done type arp -a and click Enter. With this action, all dynamic and static connections using the IPv4 address will load on your system.

✦ Step 5: Open any web browser of your choice. It can be Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or any other browser.

✦ Step 6: In the browser, copy paste the dynamic IP address that you got from the arpcommand. If you get many addresses doing this, you can paste each address on a different tab. However, if the IP opens a printer setup page that would be the printer’s IP address. 

Method 5 – How to find IP address from the network configuration page?

How to Find Printer's IP Address

All printers can print out a network configuration page. This will include the printer’s IP address. The configuration page can generally be printed by going to the Settings or Setup page if your printer has a user interface (UI) display. Remember, the steps will vary by model of the printers.
If the model does not have UI, press and hold a certain button (Power, Go, or the Wi-Fi button), for few seconds to print a configuration page.

1. How to find printer IP address for a wireless printer?

– Press the Home button on the printer. It will display the Menu.
– Select Preferences, Options, or Wireless Settings.
– Look on top of the next box that appears. The IP address will be located on its border.

2. How to find printer’s IP address on MAC?

– Open System Preferences, click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen.
– Select Printers and Scanners.
– Click on a printer from the left-hand column.
– The printer’s IP address is a 12 digit number listed under Location.

3. How do I reset my hp printer IP address?

– Click the Networking tab, change the required IP address, subnet mask, and gateway.
– Change the IP configuration method from Auto to Manual, click Apply, and OK.
– Change back the IP address of the computer to the original IP address.

4. How do I assign an IP address to my Epson printer

– Highlight your printer’s name, click Configuration.
– Select Basic (under TCP/IP) and select Manual.
– Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway in the IP Address Setting section. Click Send.

Wrapping Up

Hope you found the information helpful on finding a printer’s IP address. We would be happy to receive a feedback on which method you follow for your printer.

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