Best mini washing machine in India – Top Picks (2021)

Almost every household has a washing machine in it. We already know that regular washing machines are common. What many people would not have heard widely is about a portable washing machine. A simple design, small-sized device- portable washing machines are convenient and beneficial on several occasions. A portable or mini washing machine comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Quite similar to a top-loading washing machine or a single tub washing machine, these portable washing machines are designed to make washing clothes simple and easy. To understand this, we have to look into the features of these mini washing machines.

This article will help your find the best mini washing machine for your home or anyplace! Let us get started to learn more about these appliances.

Why you should go for mini washing machine?

The term mini washing machines does sound fancy, but one must remember that it is not a suitable choice for everyone. One cannot wash clothes in mini washing machines with the same expectations as a full-sized washing machine. These models are way cheaper than a regular machine; be it a semi-automatic top-loading model, fully automatic top loading washing machine, or any other powerful washing machine in India for that matter.

Having a mini washing machine can be the best choice for a small family, especially with moderate washing requirements. You will get completely clean clothes from the machine, even it has only a single tub. However, the washing capacity and wash cycles would be simple in comparison to any top load washing machine.

If you have a lifestyle that involves a lot of travelling, a portable washing machine is an ideal pick. If your life revolved mostly around campers, or an RV, with limited space or small space and small floors, a mini washing machine can be trusted to make washing your clothes effortless. The energy and water requirements will be minimal, and having a strong appliance as small as a mini washing machine would also be possible.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing A Mini Portable Washing Machine

Here are a few points to remember before you purchase the best mini washing machine. Portable mini washing machines also come with features and differences. You can choose the best mini portable washing machines that will be suitable for your needs with this list.


Some mini washing machines in the market come only with a washer and not a steel dryer or spin dryer. They may be a double tub washer or single.

A double tub washer is helpful when the load is more. Which model of a portable washing machine will suit you? Double tub with dryer or single tub without a spin dryer?

Wash programs

Most mini washing machines are semi-automatic top loading washing machine units. They have 2 to 3 wash programs. Check thoroughly which wash programs you need most.


The most common features of portable washing machines are the powerful motor that stands durable, compact design that will help any person looking for mini washing machines, how quickly it drains pipe, etc.


Have an estimate of how big or small your laundry is. If you have small clothes to be washed often like socks, t-shirts, etc., you can invest in the best mini washing machine to save money and energy.

Which is the best mini washing machine in India?

DMR portable washing machine is found to be the best portable washing machine one can find in India.

How we selected the best mini washing machine for this article?

After carefully analyzing all the models available in the Indian market for portable washing machines, we have arrived at the list of the best semi-automatic top-loading washers we can find.

Comparing 5 best mini portable washing machines in India

Image Product/Features Rating  
Our Top PickDMR 3Kg Washing Machine DMR Portable 3 kg Mini Top-Load Washing Machine1. Portable
2. Very Compact
3. Powerful Motor 
Runner UpBling Stores Washing Machine The Bling Stores Mini Foldable Washing Machine1. High-frequency vibration 2. Ultrasonic disinfection functions
3. Fully enclosed touch console 
DMR Single Tub Washing Machine DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine1. Optimum washing performance 
2. High-grade plastic body
3. Energy and cost efficient
Hilton Single Tub Washing Machine Hilton 3 kg Single-Tub Washing Machine1. Cleans uniformly 
2. Compact
3. Durable
Onida 6.5Kg Washing Machine Onida 6.5 kg Top Loading Washer1. Powerful Motor
2. Anti-Rust Fibre Body
3. Easy To Move

1. DMR Portable Washing Machine

DMR Washing Machine

First, on the list of the best mini washing machine, we have the DMR portable washing machine. Let us see features as to why this is one of the best portable mini washing machines one will find.

This DMR mini washing machine is a single tub washing machine that assures to make washing clothes simple. This small washing machine might be smaller than a full-sized washing machine, but it can easily provide high-quality performance.

The DMR small washing machine has a washing capacity of 3 kg. This semi-automatic top-loading machine does not have a steel dryer basket, rather it has a plastic dryer basket which is an anti-rust body. The spin basket of the machine has a 3 kg capacity with which it can accommodate 6 to 7 dirty clothes at one time. The spin dryer has a spin capacity of 1.5 kg. The spin power is 240 w, with which it can effectively turn wet clothes into moderately dry.

Like most other portable washing machines, the DMR machine has some special features and accessories that make its functioning easy. They include; inlet pipe, cover for the spin basket, semi-transparent lid or clear lid, high-frequency vibration of dryer basket, powerful motor, washing cycles similar to semi-automatic top loading washing machine, etc.

One can be assured that cleaning clothes are made easy with this mini machine with its top-loading feature. If you are convinced this model is what you need for better cleaning of your clothes, buy it now to make washing easy.

Pros and Cons of DMR portable washing machine.

  1. Extremely portable.
  2. Easy to use, does not require installation.
  3. Best suitable for small families with small laundry like baby clothes, t-shirts, socks, etc.
  4. Delicate washing methods without damaging the fabric.
  5. Low cost compared to other fully automatic top load washing machines or even semi-automatic top-loading machines.
  6. Washing cycles are similar to semi-automatic performance.
  7. Requires minimal water supply energy consumption, unlike large machines.
  8. Drains pipe with ease.
  9. Stylish and compact design suitable for small spaces.

2. The Bling Store Mini Foldable Washing Machine

Bling Stores Washing Machine

Next on the list of the best portable washing machines, we have The Bling Store Mini Foldable Washing Machine. This single tub washing machine is indeed one of the best portable mini washing machines you will come across. It is a versatile travel washing machine that is useful while camping, traveling in RV, etc. when you have moderate water requirements. This model is similar to a top-loading washing machine where you add the clothes from the top and can fold it easily to carry it wherever needed.

The model comes with sufficient spin power to clean clothes thoroughly. The 1.8 kg capacity is adequate to wash small laundry, baby clothes, and even small objects like toys or fruits. The wash cycle, spin basket, powerful motor, is perfect to completely clean clothes for a small family. The single tub and dryer basket of this mini washing machine are made of high-quality polypropylene, which is a non-toxic and anti-rust body.

Pros and Cons of The Bling Store Mini Foldable Washing Machine

  1. The best portable washing machine with a compact design.
  2. Perfect choice for small floors or small spaces where large machines cant fit.
  3. Does not require installation hence it is extremely portable.
  4. Minimal electricity consumption.
  5. High-frequency vibration for drying.

3. DMR Single Tub Washing Machine

DMR Single Tub Washing Machine

The next portable washing machine on the list is the DMR Single Tub washing machine. The design and performance of this model make it one of the best portable washing machines you can find. This mini washing machine in India comes with many beneficial features.

This model does not require installation. The DMR small washing machine comes with a steel dryer basket that has a spin capacity of 2 kg and sufficient spin speed for drying. This single tub portable washing machine has a 4.6 kg washing capacity. Its wash and spin power are 240 w.

Similar to the semi-automatic cleaning function, the washing cycles of this mini washing machine go clockwise and anticlockwise. The products that come with this model on purchase include; inlet pipe and drain pipe.

The other feature that makes this best versatile travel washing machine is the semi-transparent lid. A clear lid makes observing the wash cycle easy for any person. Does this model seem like the best choice for you? Visit now to make this mini washing machine yours.

Pros and Cons of DMR Washing Machine

  1. One of the best portable washing machines in India.
  2. Steel dryer basket with sufficient spin speed for perfect drying.
  3. Mini washing machine apt to wash socks, baby clothes, t-shirts, etc.
  4. Semi-transparent lid for easy observation.
  5. Ideal for areas with restricted water supply.

4. Hilton Washing Machine

Hilton Single Tub Washing machine

On the list of the best mini washing machine, next, we have Hilton Washing Machine. This semi-automatic top loading washing machine comes with a plastic spin dryer and inlet pipe. This portable washing machine has a semi-automatic cleaning function, where it spins the clothes anticlockwise and clockwise.

It is one of the best portable washing machines in India because of its effective wash cycle in the single tub it has. This small washing machine does not have many wash programs like any large washing machine in India, it has just 1 wash cycle with which it can provide high-quality performance.

Like most other mini washing machines, this model can also give better cleaning of clothes for a small family with small laundry like baby clothes, socks, etc. it has a plastic spin basket and not a steel basket, hence free from rusting.

Does this semi-automatic top loading washing machine have the features your home needs? If yes, visit to purchase this portable washing machine.

Pros and Cons of Hilton Washing Machine

  1. Excellent semi-automatic performance from this portable washing machine.
  2. Minimal electricity consumption
  3. Good spin capacity for this mini washing machine with a top-loading feature.
  4. Low cost with a powerful motor.
  5. Does not require installation.
  6. Clear lid for better visibility.
  7. Suitable choice for moderate water requirements.
  8. Can easily fit into limited space and provide cleaning seamlessly.

5. Onida washer

Onida 6.5kg portable

The final product on the list of portable washing machines, we have the Onida washer. Any Onida washing machine in India has a reputation for its operation. The same holds true for its mini washing machines.

This top-loading washing machine is perfect to wash dirty clothes that are small. Being one of the best models for mini washing machines in India, this washer has high-frequency vibration and 2 wash programs.

The 270 w motor and semi-automatic cleaning function are pros to the washer. You can easily carry this mini washing machine to any area. Visit to buy this best mini washing machine in India right now!

Pros and Cons of Onida washer

  1. Does not require installation.
  2. Powerful motor, compact design is suitable for small areas.
  3. Uses less energy and you can easily carry it.
  4. Perfect for small families and places with limited water supply.
  5. Only washer does not have a dryer.

How do you use a mini washing machine?

A portable washing machine does not require any installation. You just have to presoak your laundry in detergent, attach the inlet drain pipe, set the output drain correctly, and turn on the device.

How To Maintain A Mini Washing Machine

Even the portable washing machine must be cleaned regularly to keep away detergent residue, just like any automatic top loading washing unit.

  • Rinse the washer or tub using vinegar or bleach (diluted in water).
  • Run a cycle without the clothes in them.
  • Air-dry the washer or keep the lid open after a load of laundry.
  • Make sure the washer is always free from detergent residue.
  • Remove the clothes immediately after wash.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the smallest washing machine?

The Bling Store washing machine is the smallest unit on the list.

2. Do portable washers use a lot of electricity?

No. Portable semi-automatic top-loading washers use minimal electricity only.

3. How many towels fit in a compact washer?

You will be able to fit 4 to 5 towels in a compact washer at once.

4. Does LG make a portable washer?

No. LG does not make mini portable washers.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on the article on the best mini washing machines. We trust you found the information helpful and let us know which model impressed you the most. Our favourite is DMR Portable 3 kg Mini Top-Load Washing Machine with Dryer. Share which mini washers you have experience with.

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