How to connect washing machine to tap? – The Simple Method

When it comes to running a washing machine successfully, the second most important requirement after power is water. Having an uninterrupted good supply of water is crucial to washing and rinsing clothes thoroughly. To ensure the water supply is well established, you must pay attention to the tap connection as well.

Connecting a washing machine to the tap is simple. It requires very less effort and time. However, you can get this done by yourself or even with assistance from customer service which is usually taken care of during installation and demonstration.

In this article, we will discuss how a washing machine can be connected to the tap. Let us get started!

Can you connect a washing machine to normal taps?

Yes, a washing machine can be connected to any normal water tap based on your convenience of where the machine is placed. However, the water tap must have an aerator with external threads to connect to the inlet hose pipe.

connect a washing machine to normal taps
Washing machine connected to normal tap

If the washing machine does not connect thoroughly to the tap, there might be issues or delay to fill the washer. You can refer to the user manual for details or call a certified technician who can help you to connect the inlet hose pipe to the tap and might even install a specific washing machine tap or an adaptor if required.

How do you attach a washer hose to a tap? [All Things You Need To Know]

attach a washer hose to a tap
Washer hose attached to tap

The following are the simple steps one has to follow to connect the washing machine hose to the tap.

  1. The adaptor must be removed from the water supply hose. You can loosen the screws on the adaptor with the help of a ‘ + ‘ type screwdriver.
  2. You can now connect the adaptor to the tap. You can tighten the screws now and ensure the two are connected firmly.
  3. The lower portion of the adapter, usually in plastic will have arrows on them to guide on to be turned in one direction. Follow this as the next step.
  4. Now, attach the inlet hose pipe of the washing machine to the adaptor attached to the tap and the other end to the inlet valve in the washing machine.

Where does the water drain from a washing machine?

The water from a washing machine drains via the drain hose. You can search the back of the washing machine to locate the drain hose. The drain hose is usually placed along with the hot and cold water supply pipes.

Attaching a drain hose to a washing machine
Attaching a drain hose to a washing machine

While the hot and cold water supply hoses function to fill the washing machine with hot and cold water based on the wash cycles, the drain hose will send out the wastewater from the washing machine. This is common to both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. You can either connect the drain hose to a direct drainage pipe or you can simply drain the wastewater into a sink or bathroom depending on where the washing machine is placed.

What does water tap closed mean on a washing machine?

Most fully automatic washing machine models are now built with error identification systems that will display on the control panel. This makes it easier during services without having to search for the problem and also gives a fair idea to the customer of what the problem might be. Smaller errors that can be fixed at home can be taken care of without the need to search for help from outside.

Washing machine water tap
Washing Machine Control Panel

A washing machine tap closed error in the washing machine can be either of the following issues:

  • The water supply to the machine is not sufficient to meet the wash cycle’s requirement.
  • The tap might be closed.
  • The drain inlet hose is bent.
  • The pressure in the tap can be too low.
  • The mesh filter in the hose is clogged with residue or dirt and needs to be cleaned.

Disconnect the pipe and address the issue and connect it again to resolve the error.

1. Can you install washing machine yourself?

A washing machine is not difficult to be installed without the assistance of a professional. However, if you think you are not equipped to carry out the task by yourself, always refer to the manual or take assistance from customer care.

Installing a washing machine requires adequate and proper plumbing, power, and water supply in the proximity to connect the power cord and the water inlet and outlet pipes to fill the washer and drain the washer of the wastewater respectively.

2. Can you plumb a washing machine into a bathroom?

Yes, you can have your washer in the bathroom. This option will work out as long as the warranty covers issues that might arise if there will be too much exposure to water and humidity in the bathroom.

Plumbing the washing machine into the bathroom will require a good elevated platform to keep the washer safe from water stagnating in the bathroom (if there is a possibility of that happening) and seamless safety precautions with its power supply.

3. Do new washing machines come with hoses?

Yes, washing machines come with their hoses. You can search for them inside the washer.

4. Does the tap need to be on for washing machine?

The tap that connects to the washing machine must be turned On when the machine is in use to have an uninterrupted operation.

The tap must be turned Off when the washing machine is not in use. Keeping the tap On will lead to an increase in pressure and slowly pave the way to leaks and problems with the water inlet. To avoid such troubles, turn Off the tap when the machine is not in use.

5. How to connect the water supply hose in Samsung Top Load Washing Machine?

Connecting the water supply hose in a Samsung Top Load Washing Machine is simple. You have to ensure the tap that will provide water supply to the washing machine has the adaptor fixed on it. The hose can then be connected to the adaptor; with the other end to the valve in the washing machine

Follow the steps aforementioned in the article for a detailed explanation of the same.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap to the article. We trust we have answered your lingering doubts and concerns on how a washing machine should be connected to the tap. Do not forget to make sure that the tap connection is perfect before you run the washing machine and the tap is Off when the washing machine isn’t operating.

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