How to dry clothes in washing machine

Modern washing machines are a boon to our society as they take away a lot of manual labor and save us time from laundry. The traditional process of washing by hand and rinsing in several buckets of water to air dry them on clotheslines has now become a simpler process. Not having enough sunshine for line drying or worrying about rainy weather are also no longer problems. 

Moreover, with the number of features offered in the various automatic washing machines, and the washing and drying combo available, you can find the right one that will pay attention to stain removal, wash and dry your clothes, workout clothes, easily. Machine dried clothes can make laundry much easier, by saving time, and without having to find space to air dry them.

Can washing machines dry clothes completely?

How to dry clothes in washing machine

Washing machines can dry clothes completely depending on the machine you use. With an inbuilt tumble clothes dryer, you can get your clothes dry enough to wear them straight from the machine.  The drying time may extend the cycle, but it will be worth it in the long term.

How does dryer work in washing machine?

Washing machines have a washing/ drying combo that serves the purpose of washing clothes entirely.  During the spin cycle, the machine will extract as much water as possible from the clothes. You can also use the dry option separately if you want to run only the drying cycle. The higher the speed of the spinning cycle, the drier your clothes will get. 

How to dry clothes effectively using washing machine?

Washing machines can dry clothes effectively through the spin cycle at the end of a wash cycle. The spinning extracts as much water from your clothes, leaving them merely damp. 

The best-known way that washing machines can work is by letting the washed clothes tumble through hot dry air, or in the case of a front loading machine, clothes fall downwards due to gravity. 

Cold air gets drawn into the machine by a fan through an air intake. This air is pulled towards a heating element in the machine, turning the cool air into hot air. The heating element is managed by a thermostat that switches on and off periodically to avoid overheating and prevent clothes from heat damage. The warm air enters the drum through the holes and as the drum rotates, the air is circulated and the clothes get enough hot air to dry them.  The most effective method is to ensure that you load washing machines properly by putting the clothes into the machine separately so they don’t bunch up during the spinning cycle. 

How to dry clothes in a washing machine?

You can choose the highest spin speed based on the load size to remove the moisture without damaging your clothes; and the lowest spin speeds for delicate material. To dry clothes in an automatic washing machine:

✔ Put the clothes inside the machine, close the door, and press the Power button ON
✔ Press the Drying button and select the drying cycle.
✔ Select how dry you want the clothes to be or use the timer to select the time.
✔ Press the Start/ Pause button to begin the drying process.

Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes?

samsung inverter washing machine

A fully automatic washing machine can dry clothes after the washing cycle is completed. It has a preset program to start from washing, moving to rinsing, and drying. Generally, fully automatic washing machines come with several programs to include drying. They also have programs to select drying only to start the spinner. They allow you to select the spin speed and the time you select based on the type of clothes that require drying.

How to dry clothes using dryer?

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You can get your clothes dried using a clothes dryer to save time and energy. Before putting the clothes into a dryer, you need to follow the step by step instructions:

The general rule is to read the care labels for washing instructions as you need to know the amount of heat the fabric can tolerate.

Use the right loading technique so that your clothes don’t get bunched up. For this, you need to separate them and add them one at a time.
Cleaning the lint/ fluff filter regularly is essential. Over time, it can accumulate too much and impact the washing and drying cycles.
In a tumble dryer, you can choose the setting that need to be dried based on the care label. The settings are based on the type of fabric being dried. For instance, regular fabrics such as cotton, rayon, etc. can be dried safely in the clothes dryer. You can add one or two dryer sheets along with the clothes.

Spin cycles tend to be fast and your delicate fabrics or lighter items may need a mesh bag so they can get a level of protection from the cycle. 

A balanced load size will make drying more efficient and will prevent wrinkles. Overloading clothes into the dryer will produce only half the expected results as clothes can get bunched up and not all of them can move freely enough to get dry uniformly.

Closing zippers and unbuttoning shirts are also helpful so that they don’t snag other clothes. This also helps in keeping the buttonholes from getting frayed.  

1. What is the best way to dry clothes indoors?

Wet clothes can be dried indoors with the help of a dryer. Or, they can be dried on a drying rack after getting them nearly dry in a fully automatic washing machine.  Air drying indoors is also an option. 

2. Which is the best front load washing machine with dryer?

The LG 10.5 Kg/ 7.0 Kg washer dryer combo tops the list of front loading washing machines with a dryer.  

3. Which is better, hand washing or washing machine?

Clothes washed in a machine have a number of benefits that make them better than hand washing, even if you prefer air dried clothes. Even a semi automatic washing machine can save time and labor leaving you free to go about your other tasks. Based on the programs offered, clothes can also last longer and without retaining soapiness because they get thoroughly rinsed during the rinse cycle. Air drying won’t be necessary if the machine has a dryer option.

Using a washing machine also protects your hands from a harsh laundry detergent, while giving you clean clothes.  Hand wash is labor-intensive. You only have to ensure that delicate items and other fabrics are sorted and loaded properly. 

4. Which washer dryer combo is the best in India?

The LG 10.5 Kg/ 7.0 Kg washer dryer combo tops the list of front loading washing machines with a dryer with their smart technology and unique features. 

Wrapping Up

With the many washing machines in the market, it can be hard to decide which one suits you the best. However, machines that offer a drying option can be the best choice and can save a lot of time and trouble by getting your clothes washed and dried, and ready for wear immediately. Washers and dryers are here to make our lives easier and give us the freedom from time consuming laundry tasks.

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