How to reset lg washing machine

LG washing machines are very popular and one of the top performing washing machines in the market. LG washing machines come as top-load and front-load washers. They are also of different capacities with smart technology and with unique features.

If the machine does not start, the reasons could include the power supply to the machine, power outage, or something to do with the machine itself. If none of the usual solutions work, resetting may be required.

What does resetting a washing machine do?

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LG washing machines like most other machines in recent times come with a reset button. This feature allows you to restart the washer if there is an error code flashing in the digital display in the control panel.

Generally, these errors or faults occur because of interrupted power supply, load size, or frequent power fluctuation.

Such programmable machines always have a reset function that will clear old programs so a new one can be set. 

Resetting a washing machine means that old programs are cleared and a new program starts its function. LG washing machines have an internal computer that needs to get rebooted for you to use all the functionalities. 

Resetting a washing machine

To reset the washing machine, you may need to unplug it from the electrical socket and turn the circuit breaker off. After a few minutes, plug the machine again into the power outlet once the circuit breaker is back on.

Make sure that you keep a note of the error code that comes on the display in case you need the help of a service technician. Keeping the owner’s manual handy also will help.

Different washing machines have different resetting processes. Generally, pressing down on the power button along with the start/stop button should reset the program. The reset function can also clear an unintended ‘delay start’ command. 

How do you do a factory reset on a washing machine?

After having checked all other options as to why your machine is not starting, you may need to do a factory reset or hard reset. This will reset all onboard features and is a successful way to clear errors and have the machine running properly again.

Pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds and doing the same with the play button should help with the factory resetting of the machine. Once the master reset is done, open and close the door of the machine 6 times within 12 seconds.

You may need to try running the machine on the wash and rinse cycle to test the machine for proper draining. 

Why does my LG washing machine not start?

Why washing machine is not draining

Sometimes, the LG washing machine won’t start because of the following problems:

Power connection:
Washing machines need a proper electrical outlet to get connected. They also need to have a power cord working properly. The power cord is usually at the back of the machine.
To test the power outlet, you may use another appliance and rule out the possibility of an error in the power outlet. 

Circuit breaker:
Sometimes, the circuit breaker will need to be checked to see if the switch on the machine has tripped the switch in the breaker. 

Power button:
Pressing the power button on will help check if the button is working as it should. 
If none of the above solutions work, your machine may need a hard reset. You need to reset your washing machine by performing the hard reset. For this, 
– You must unplug the machine 
– Press and hold the power/ start button for 5 seconds
– Release, then hold down the play/ pause button for 5 seconds.
– Plug the machine back again and the power ON should work.
– If the machine still doesn’t get powered on, you need to call for assistance.   

How do I know if my washing machine needs replacing?

There are a few clear signs that your washing machine needs replacing. 

1. The drum is not spinning at the end of each cycle
2. Machines run but the water is not draining
3. A machine that leaks water
4. Machine rattles around making a lot of noise
5. The machine has become too small for your needs
6. The machine is too old and repairs and replacing parts are more expensive than a new machine.

1. How do I reset my LG washer after power outage?

You can reset your LG washer after a power outage with a few simple steps:

– Unplug the machine
– Press and hold the Power/ Start button for 5 seconds
– Release, then hold down the Play/ Pause button for 5 seconds.
– Plug the machine back again and the machine should power ON. 

2. Why is my washing machine not spinning?

Your washing machine is not spinning because the drain hose is clogged. It could be because there is something stuck in the drain pump to prevent the steady flow of water in and out of the machine. 

3. How to unlock lg washing machine?

If your LG washing machine has a locked door problem,
1. Turn off the machine and unplug the machine
2. Wait for around 60 seconds
3. Drain the water from the machine completely
4. Make sure the door’s hinges are clean and running smoothly.
5. Clean the filters to make sure that there is nothing to block water flow.
To unlock the door:
1. Unplug the machine and let it cool.
2. Wait for around 45 seconds and open the door. If the power has been shut off, the door should open.

4. How to start lg washing machine?

You can start the LG washing machine by switching the power button on. Select the cycle with the cycle selector knob, press the start/ pause button to start the machine. 

Wrapping Up

The reset feature in the LG washing machine is a great way to get the machine started, if it doesn’t start the first time. Such a feature is especially helpful if you have limited access to service assistance or if you are the type to fix minor glitches in appliances. More often than not, LG machines should start by pressing this reset button as it clears old programs and fixes the problem.

It’s as simple as that. Of course, LG offers strong customer support and repair service in case there is some other problem that cannot be fixed with the reset button.

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