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When you wear clothes that smell fresh and good, it is a definite mood lifter throughout the day. If you are still wondering how to use fabric softener in a machine, the benefits and disadvantages of a fabric conditioner, this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss how to use fabric softener in a washing machine and how a fabric conditioner functions. Let us get started!

What does comfort do to clothes?

comfort for fresh clothes

We often resort to Comfort and other types of fabric softeners believing that they keep the clothes smelling fresh. You must know that fabric softeners do not just keep your clothes smelling fresh but also protect your clothes from wear and tear. They are formulated to protect your clothes and the very individual fabric of the clothes. If your aim is to keep your clothes soft at all times, you must invest in Comfort or other good fabric softeners.

A fabric softener or fabric conditioner might be available in either liquid form or powder form. You can use fabric softener in its liquid form or powder form based on your preference. You can add the fabric softener to your clothes to not just make them smell good, but also protect your clothes when they are subjected to a tough wash cycle in the washing machine. Be it front loaders or top loading washing machines, adding fabric softener to either of them while washing your clothes is not going to be a problem.

The material used to manufacture a fabric conditioner or fabric softener is specially designed with lubricants. These function to coat individual fabric fibers thereby protecting the clothing during a rinse cycle in washing machines. When you add fabric softener in a top loading washing machine or a front loader, the fabric conditioner will slowly get released into the clothes during the wash cycle or final rinse cycle. The fabric conditioner will coat the fibers of the clothing, protecting them from the static produced during the rinse cycle in the washer or dryer. This is what happens when you add fabric softener or fabric conditioner to your clothes. Adding fabric softener in recommended amount is suggested to keep clothes soft, and smooth, and improve their quality and fragrance.

You must remember to pay attention to the care labels on the clothing is their laundry or fabrics can be added with fabric softener. Using the right detergent and fabric conditioner that suit the fabrics by following the instructions will ensure the quality of the clothes doesn’t diminish, but they stay smooth, soft, and filled with fragrance.

When should you add comfort in washing machine?

Did you know that when you use fabric softener, it is important to pay attention when you add fabric softener? When you use fabric softener or fabric conditioner like Comfort while washing clothes to keep your clothes soft, to keep clothes smelling fresh with fragrance, and smooth, and to protect them from wear and tear, it is important to add fabric softeners at the right time.

The care label and instructions on the laundry and fabrics will have information if you can add fabric softener directly if direct contact will not harm the fabric, the correct amount of fabric softener to use to keep towels soft, and more. Remember, directly here denotes soaked laundry or soaking laundry and not dry clothes. However, it is recommended that whether hand washing or washing clothes in machines, you must add a fabric softener during the final rinse cycle.

If you add fabric softener at the same time as you add detergent, the Comfort will rinse away during the washing cycle. You will not get the soft, smooth, and high-quality fragrance you desire from your clothes. Next time you add fabric softener or fabric conditioner in washing machines; be it a semi-automatic washing machine or fully automatic washing machine or if you are washing your clothes by hand washing, always remember to use fabric softener using the last rinse cycle and not when you add detergent.

Where do you put softener in a washing machine?

The washing machine’s manual will help you identify where to use fabric softener. Some washing machines come with a fabric softener dispenser, while others don’t. If you have a fully automatic washing machine, you are most likely to have an automatic dispenser that will release the Comfort fabric conditioner into the clothes directly during the wash cycle or last rinse cycle. All you have to do is simply measure the correct amount. Check the washing machine’s manual if it has an automatic dispenser or fabric softener dispenser.

Older versions like the semi-automatic washing machine might not have an automatic dispenser or fabric softener dispenser. In this case, you can add the fabric softener directly over the clothes in the recommended amount during the last rinse cycle, provided the fabric can handle direct contact with diluted Comfort fabric conditioner.

What happens if you put too much fabric softener?

When you use fabric softener or Comfort fabric conditioner it will make clothes soft and smooth and fill them with fragrance, but at the same time when you add the fabric softener in excess without paying attention to the correct amount on the fill line or the recommended amount on the box, you will end up harming the fabric.

Fabrics that are designed to absorb water and sweat will not benefit from using a fabric softener or fabric conditioner. Although your clothes will be soft and smooth and filled with fragrance, at the same time you are harming the fabrics. Washing your clothes with more than the correct amount or recommended amount of Comfort fabric conditioner will reduce the absorbency of the clothes.

How can you make the laundry smell good without fabric softener?

Washing your clothes without fabric softeners or fabric conditioners and still getting them to smell good and fresh is possible. Be it a front loader or top loader washing machine, you can still use fabric softener for your washed clothes but if you are looking for natural ways to wash clothes in a top loader or front loader machine to make clothes smell fresh even if you avoid using a fabric softener these tips are for you.


Just like adding a fabric softener in the right amount, you must also add detergent in the appropriate amount. Overdoing it will damage the fabric. Whether it’s a liquid form or powder form of detergent or fabric conditioner, they will build up in the clothes and give out an unpleasant odor when used in excess.

Baking soda and Vinegar

Using baking soda and vinegar as a substitute for fabric softener can help your clothes smell fresh and even keep them protected against mold and bacterial buildup. You can avoid odor from sweat and dampness by using these natural products.

Machine care

For a front loader or top loader, machine care is important. Clean the insides of the machine as often as possible and keep the lid or door open until all the dampness evaporates completely.


Drying the clothes immediately after washing, whether air drying them, tumble drying, or sun drying them- will guarantee to keep clothes smelling fresh and remove odor from dampness.

1. Do you rinse out fabric softener?

Yes, you have to rinse out fabric conditioner or Comfort fabric softener. A mild quick rinse should be sufficient to remove the product.

2. What happens when you put fabric softener directly on clothes?

Adding fabric conditioner directly to the clothes, which is clothes that are yet to be washed and not soaking in water, you will end up staining the clothes. Waxy, oily stain spots will develop on the clothes when they come in direct contact with the fabric conditioner.

3. What is Comfort fabric conditioner made of?

Comfort fabric conditioner is made of chemicals such as Ditallowoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Potassium sorbate, Calcium chloride, Silica, etc.

4. What happens if you put fabric softener in the detergent slot?

If you add the fabric softener into the automatic dispenser for detergent rather than into the fabric softener dispenser, you will experience machine and laundry damage. When you have an automatic dispenser in your machine you must add the fabric softener to the fabric softener dispenser only, if not you will gave to repeat the wash cycle to correct the mistake.

5. Is Comfort fabric softener safe for babies?

Using Comfort fabric softener for baby clothes has been tested to be safe. However, always watch out for allergies and avoid using any product that results in rashes or allergies.

6. Can you mix softener and detergent?

No, it is advised that you do not do that because a deterrent and fabric softener are similar to water and oil.

7. Does fabric softener ruin towels?

Yes. You have to find other ways to keep towels soft. Read the instructions on the care labels of towels to know if you can use fabric softener on them. Towels, athletic wear, and other fabrics designed to absorb sweat will lose their absorbency if subjected to excess chemicals and fragrance from fabric conditioners.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on the article. We trust you found the article useful. Share with us your experiences with Comfort fabric conditioner and how you use fabric softener for your clothes.

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