IFB Vs Bosch Washing Machine – Choose Better

Washing machines are here to stay. The only consideration is the type of washing machine you wish to invest in. Washing machines are a worthy investment as they take the time and energy consumed by doing laundry out of the picture.

Over the years, with advanced technology, washing machines have evolved into energy-efficient machines. They also come with various programs and features to give you enough options to choose from. 

With the many brands and types of washing machines in the market, it is not easy to make a choice. All the top-selling and popular machines have similar features and all serve the same purpose and that is to make daily lives easier for the families.

The best approach to making the right choice is to do a comparison study between the two top-selling machines. Whether you choose a top-loading washing machine or a front-loading washing machine, comparing the two top brands in India, IFB and Bosch is a good start.

Let’s start with front-loading washing machines.

Comparing IFB Vs Bosch Front Load Washing Machines

which is better ifb or bosch

Washing Performance:

IFB front load washing machines have a host of features for enhanced washing. The washing offers greater fabric care with gentle actions. They have innovative technology for the cleanest wash. The crescent moon drum and 3D wash system offer a gentle water cushion causing zero fabric damage.

They use Aqua Energie to ensure that the detergent does not get lumpy and that it is dissolved fully. The customized wash programs enable washing different types of fabric such as silk, designer garments, lace, and chiffon. They have an air bubble wash and foam control feature as well as ball valve technology that gives you excellent washing performance.

Bosch front loading washing machines have a variodrum and it is smooth on the clothes regardless of material. These machines can wash the rough stains out and still keep the clothes free from damage.


IFB front load washing machines are long-lasting and they come with a maximum warranty of 4 years. With the various features and programs, they have zero or minimal wear and tear on the parts. 

Bosch front load washing machines are durable and come with 2 years warranty. The product is based on German engineering that ensures long-term durability.

Water Consumption:

The front-loading washing machine from IFB is efficient and consumes approximately 60 liters of water, depending on the machine’s capacity.
Bosch front-loading machines have features that help consume less water by automatically sensing the wash load and adjusting the water levels. They have an ActiveWater Plus feature that allows the washing machine to sense the wash load and adjust the water levels accordingly. 

Power Consumption:

IFB front load machines are energy efficient using less power because of the program and features available. It comes with a 5 Star rating for energy saving.

The Bosch washing machine has an ecoperfect function that enables power saving as it gives us optimum consumption of energy. 


Washing machines can last a lifetime if used and maintained well. IFB gives you 4 years warranty which is the highest in the market and also supports the parts for 10 years. 

Bosch machines are also long-lasting and they can last anywhere between 10 and 12 years if they are well maintained. They have 2 years’ product warranty.

Customer Support:

IFB is known for its exemplary customer support and service. IFB started off well with strong customer service.

Bosch is more popular and has a larger customer base. They offer efficient customer service and are known for their product support.


The front-load washing machines from IFB are popular because they are quiet when in operation. 
Bosch front loading washing machines are vibration-free and make even less noise than the noiseless IFB machines. 

Value For Money

The different models of front-loading machines from IFB come with varying prices. But, with the product warranty of 4 years and 10 years on the parts, this machine is highly durable and worth the money. It gives great value for the money by taking care of the fabrics and energizing water.
Bosch front loading washing machines have different models along with different capacities, just like an IFB machine. Their prices have become more competitive in recent times. They offer a product warranty of 2 years and offer strong customer support. Bosch washing machines have a sturdy build. They save on water and electricity with their technology and features.

Our Verdict:

which washing machine to buy

IFB front loading washing machines are popular for multiple reasons. They provide great value for money and are energy and water-efficient. The ecosilence drive motor gives you a quiet operation, active water sensors adjust the water level by detecting the wash load, and has an aqua energie device to energize the water. With its air bubble wash technology, the clothes get cleaner.

IFB machines operate safely and ensure voltage protection. If the voltage goes below safe levels, the machine will pause in its operation and restart when the voltage is stabilized. You can’t go wrong buying the IFB front loading washing machine.
Bosch front-loading machines offer greater durability because of their sturdier build. Their features and programs ensure water and electricity conservation as they are energy-efficient machines. The variodrum ensures that clothes of different fabrics can be safe for the long term.

Their active water features use sensors to detect the weight of the wash load and adjust the required water levels accordingly. Bosch machines are more expensive than IFB machines.
Our verdict on the nest washing machine is the IFB front loading washing machine.

Let’s move on to top-loading washing machines.

Comparing IFB vs Bosch Top Loading Washing Machines

Do you want to compare IFB with Bosch top-loading washing machines? Here are a few factors to consider.


IFB top-loading washing machines have smart sensing technology that senses the weight of the clothes and adjusts the water level and detergents. This technology makes it water efficient. They have a 3D wash technology so that the clothes can move freely inside the drum allowing maximum friction for thorough cleaning. IFB top-loading washing machines have an inbuilt heater that enhances heavily stained clothes.

Bosch top-loading washing machines also have smart sensing technology to detect the wash load and adjust the water levels. Bosch machines are made of premium design, a power wave wash system, and auto power on to resume washing once the power is back after an outage.  


IFB top-loading washing machines have an aqua spa therapy feature to handle clothes gently and get them cleaned at the same time. The deep clean function works with a triadic pulsator technology for enhanced cleaning. They have Touch Controls and preset wash programs. They have the air dry function, smart rinse, memory wash, and reload function.
Bosch top-loading washing machines have an active water feature for water conservation. They have an anti-vibration design and a variodrum that gives you washed clothes that are neither damaged nor tangled. They also have an Express Wash feature.


IFB top-loading washing machines have an inbuilt heater that does a deep cleaning of heavily soiled clothes. Their other features include Aqua Energie to energize the water used within the machine. The machine is gentle on delicate fabrics as well as baby clothes. They have air bubble wash that allows the water to reach the strands of the fabric and remove tough stains. 

Bosch top-loading machines don’t have the option of an inbuilt heater; but, they also enhance wash quality through the many features and programs. The wash programs have 8 options and are gentle on all types of clothes. They have a power wave movement that allows the water flow to reach and clean the clothes easily. 


IFB top-loading machines are less expensive than Bosch. Since both machines have more or less the same features and come in different capacities, the price may make the difference between the two. IFB washing machines are targeted at the Indian middle class and are chosen because they are more affordable.

Our Verdict

As far as top-loading washing machines go, IFB top-loading washing machines are made in India and come with all the extra features needed for daily washing. They consume less water and electricity. They are high-quality machines that come at a lower price range compared with Bosch washing machines. 

While Bosch top-loading washing machines have similar features and are also energy and water-efficient, the clear choice is the IFB top-loading machine as the best washing machine for its longer product warranty and lower cost.

Comparing the latest IFB and Bosch Washing Machines: 

To understand how the new models of washing machines compare in the market, let’s start by comparing the latest IFB and Bosch Washing Machines.

There are newer models of washing machines in the market with additional features and AI and advanced technology. The new models include fully automatic front-loading and top-loading machines.

Front Load Washing Machines:

IFB 8kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Review

ifb front load washing machine

Key Features:

IFB 8 8Kg front-loading machines are free-standing, fully automatic, with a voltage of 230 volts. They have an inbuilt heater and have a power steam program of 30 minutes using steam to kill germs. 
This feature maintains the fabric’s color, texture, and elasticity where needed. This feature is suitable for heavily soiled clothes, gym wear, sports uniforms, etc.

The anti-allergen feature removes allergens during the wash and is most suitable for children’s clothes. This feature is an extra layer towards better hygiene.

The Aqua Energie feature enhances the detergent’s action. The water is energized and the filter treatment gives the clothes a gentler wash and dissolves the detergent completely.

The Cradle wash system, as the name suggests, pampers the clothes and is a feature most suitable for baby clothes, silks, chiffons, and other such fabrics.

4D wash is a feature that delivers dynamic water jets from the puddles to reach the clothes in every strand of the fabric.

Crescent moon drum grooves on the surface of the drum provide a water cushion to prevent clothes from getting damaged.
The laundry-add feature allows you to pause the cycle, and to add clothes mid-way through the wash. 
The Float Ball valve technology allows the water outflow even while keeping the detergent in to continue with the wash. There is no wastage of detergents.

The self-diagnosis feature makes it easy to troubleshoot in case there are problems with the machine. 
High-low voltage protection keeps the machine safe during voltage fluctuations. The machine pauses when the voltage becomes too low and resumes when the voltage levels stabilize. 

Auto imbalance vibration control is a smart sensing technology that detects imbalance during the spin cycle and restores the balance.  

Pros and Cons Of IFB 8 Kg Washing Machines:

Pros: Product warranty is 4 years and parts warranty for 10 years. They are less noisy during operation. You can add laundry mid-way, and the special feature of 4D wash for better washing.

Cons: They are heavier machines. Installation may also take a little longer in some areas. 

Bosch 8 kg 5 Star 1400RPM INVERTER TOUCH CONTROL Fully Automatic Front Load Review

Bosch 8 Kg Touch

Key Features

Bosch 8 Kg fully automatic front load washing machine has an inverter touch control.

The varioinverter motor makes these machines energy-efficient, consuming less power.

The anti-tangle feature reduces tangles by about 50% and makes the clothes easier to iron.

The Anti-bacteria feature removes 99% of bacteria from the machine keeping the washing hygienic. 

EcoSilence drive offers a motor that is friction-free, thereby minimizing heat and wear and tear to make the machine longer lasting. 

SpeedPerfect offers higher performance reducing the duration of the wash cycle by around 65%.

ActiveWater feature is a pressure sensor that detects the wash load and cuts the water intake accordingly. It has a combination of 256 load sensing levels. 

The anti-vibration feature offers the stability of the machine and quiet operations.

Vario drum is uniquely designed to clean clothes that are heavily soiled and stained while remaining gentle on the clothes.

Reload feature allows you to add or remove clothes during the first washing cycle. 

Pros and Cons Of Bosch 8 Kg Washing Machines:

Pros – Bosch 8 Kg front loading washing machines are energy and water-efficient. They have low vibration and are not noisy when operating. They have an anti-tangle feature, offer a stain-free wash, and have a longer motor warranty. Bosch machines have great customer support and care services. 

Cons – Short product warranty and more expensive than an IFB washing machine.

Top Load Washing Machines:

IFB 10.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

ifb 10.5 kg model

Key Features:

IFB 10.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has a 3D wash system. It is a dynamic system that soaks clothes completely and provides enhanced washing capability. 

Inbuilt heater technology that is scale-proof and rust-proof, and consumes less energy.

The inbuilt Aqua Energie feature energizes the water and its filter treatment dissolves the detergent better to give clothes a uniform wash. 

Smart sense technology is an inbuilt weight sensor that weighs the wash load and adjusts the water levels accordingly, saving water and detergent. 

Lint tower filter traps loose microfibers and lint from the wash. The filter can be detached for regular cleaning. 

Triadic pulsator wash offers softer scrub pads to dislodge dirt gently and through swirl jets of water.
The voltage protection feature safeguards the machine by pausing when the voltage is low and resuming once the voltage is stabilized. 

The Cradle wash program offers a clean wash of delicate clothes, baby clothes, and fabrics such as silks and chiffons.

Tub clean feature ensures that the machine is protected from limescale and extends the durability of the machine. 

Pros and Cons Of IFB 10.5 kg Washing Machine:

Pros – IFB 10.5 Kg is a higher capacity machine suitable for medium to large families. Despite the larger capacity, their technology ensures the machine operates efficiently saving water and energy. With advanced sensor technology and 12 wash programs, this model offers the best wash quality.

Cons – IFB 10.5 Kg top loading washing machine is heavy and may take longer to install in a few regions. 

Bosch 12kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

bosch top loader

Key Features

PowerWave feature ensures that the clothes move freely through the wash cycle for better cleaning.
The VarioInverter motor makes the machine highly durable, with an efficient motor providing optimum washing performance. 

Speed Perfect feature reduces the duration of the wash cycle by around 20% without reducing the quality of the wash.

Bosch 12 Kg top loader is easy to use with a one-touch start automatic selection of programs. 

The soft closing lid keeps it safe as the gradual closing ensures that your fingers don’t get jammed.
The delay start option feature helps in scheduling the wash cycle within 24 hours. 

8-water level for washes available to select for washing heavily soiled clothes.

8 wash programs to ensure that the machine can handle different types of fabrics.

Pros and Cons Of Bosch 12 kg Washing Machine:

Pros –  Bosch 12 Kg top loading washing machine is one of the highest in machine capacity. It is suitable for large wash loads. It has all the features to make it energy and water efficient, keeping washing quality at its best. 

Cons – Bosch 12 Kg top-loaders are more expensive and also heavier units. 

1. Which model is best in the Bosch washing machine?

The Bosch 8 Kg 5 Star touch control fully automatic front loading washing machine is the best with its internal heater, anti-tangle feature, ecosilence drive motor, speedperfect wash program, and activewater feature.   

2. Is IFB washing machine a good brand?

IFB washing machine is a good brand and has built a good reputation in the market. It is made in India and has an expanding market because of its customer support.

3. Which is better IFB or LG?

IFB washing machines and LG washing machines come with similar features. But, IFB provides a hard water solution, longer product warranty, and Smart inverter technology for a better wash.

4. How long do Bosch washing machines last?

Bosch washing machines can last between 10 and 12 years. 


Washing machines have been in the market for a few years and have continued to improve in terms of wash quality and special features. They have replaced the handwashing tasks completely, as they now offer gentle washing even for the most delicate of fabrics.

The two top brands in the Indian market are IFB and Bosch. The latest Bosch has a higher capacity than the latest IFB machine.

However, IFB machines are more friendly to the budget and fulfill the purpose of getting clean clothes without causing wear and tear on the machine or on the clothes just as well as Bosch machines.

Therefore, IFB machines may be the smarter choice.

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