Semi automatic vs fully automatic washing machine

Washing machines have joined the ranks of necessities in Indian households.  With the increasing demand to make washing clothes easier, newer models with advanced technology enable the cleaning process to run smoothly while also being more energy-efficient.

The newer inverter technology-based washing machines also make the full automatic washing machine environmentally friendly.
There are semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines available in the market. Of the fully automatic variety, there are top loaders and front loaders. 

Suppose you want to choose the perfect washing machine for your home. In that case, it is best to understand the differences between not just semi automatic and fully automatic but also between top-loading washing machines and front-loading machines.

How semi automatic washing machine works and how to use it?

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Let’s understand how semi automatic washing machines work before learning how they can be used. 
A semi automatic washing machine comes with two tubs, one for washing and the other for rinsing. You use it by first filling water in the washing tub and adding detergent to it. After the wash cycle is finished, you have to manually move the washed clothes to the rinsing tub and for drying.  A semi automatic washing machine cannot be operated without manual intervention between cycles.

The advantages of a semi-automatic washing machine
It costs less than a fully automatic one.
Washing doesn’t take a continuous water flow. It is only needed for the rinsing cycle.
It uses less water.
It weighs less than the fully automatic one.

The disadvantages of a semi-automatic washing machine:
Manual shifting of clothes from wash tub to rinse tub;
The washing quality is poor;
Occupies more space;
It is not fully automated.

How fully automatic washing machine works and how to use it?

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Now, let’s discuss fully automatic washing machines and how they work.

A fully automatic washing machine is automated and needs no manual intervention. You only need to select the program of choice and put the clothes and detergent in. Such washing machines also include pre-soak, soak, quick wash, rinse, and spin dry.

Front loading washing machines have different wash cycles and preset programs. They can handle all types of clothes and offer various programs for different types of clothing such as cotton, woollens, and silk. They have specific programs for delicate garments, too. 

The front loading washers and top loading ones have a single tub for washing, rinsing, and drying. The automatic function allows the machine to move from the wash cycle to the dry cycle automatically. 

While the fully automatic washing machines may be more expensive than the semi automatic ones, they are worth the investment because they are more energy efficient. 

Advantages of a fully automatic washing machine
Being fully automated is a big advantage;
Saves time as it needs no manual intervention;
Advanced technology for improved performance;
Can handle all types of fabric;
Improved wash quality;
Occupies less space. 

Disadvantages of a fully automatic machine
More expensive
Heavier than semi automatic washing machines
The cycle runs for a longer time

Other important factors to consider before buying a washing machine

Which washing machine cleans better?
A fully automatic washing machine cleans clothes better. It uses more water, removes 99% of detergent, removes stains, and leaves the clothes cleaner. It also leaves the clothes almost dry and unwrinkled.

Which washing machine takes less water?
Semi automatic washing machines take less water and do not require a continuous flow of water during the wash cycle. They only use more water during the rinse cycle.

Which washing machine consumes less power?
A semi automatic washing machine consumes less power because its cycles run for a shorter time, unlike fully automatic machines.

Which machine is more durable, Semi Automatic, Or Fully Automatic?
A fully automatic washing machine is more durable. They don’t have moving parts such as rubbing brushes and belts that show wear and tear with regular use, and may need repairs or replacement. 

Our Verdict: 

Full automatic vs Semi-automatic washing machines – Which one Should You Buy?

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Considering all the differences you have heard between semi automatic and fully automatic washing machines, the decision should be easy. Paying a little more to get a fully automatic washing machine makes great sense as you will easily recover the cost of your electricity bills through the years.

Moreover, the idea of getting a washing machine is to make washing clothes easier on the household. Therefore, choosing one that accomplishes the goal by taking less time and giving a cleaner wash would be the right decision.

1. How much time semi-automatic washing machine takes?

It depends on the kind of clothes you want to wash. You can set the timer on semi automatic washing machines. There are three wash cycles, normal, heavy, and delicate. The time varies among the three from around 6 minutes for the normal lightly soiled clothes to 20 minutes for heavier clothes like bedsheets and curtains.

2. How to dry clothes in semi-automatic washing machine?

After the wash cycle is completed, you need to manually shift the clothes to the rinse and dry tub. Change the settings to spin from the wash. You can set the timer based on the type of clothes. Once the rinse cycle is over, it will run the spin cycle. Once that is done, take the clothes out and hang them on a clothesline to dry completely.

3. Do the Fully Automatic Washing Machines Damage the Clothes?

Generally, fully automatic machines are gentle on the clothes and largely depend on the programs you select for specific types of clothing. However, over time, lint does get removed from the fabric and cause some wear and tear. Also, the spin cycle can be hard on the material as it stretches the fabric, especially woolen, nylon, or lycra.

4. How to clean semi-automatic washing machine?

There are a few basic steps to cleaning a semi automatic washing machine. 

Remove items that may be left in the wash tub after a wash cycle; 
Clean the washing machine dispensers, if any;
Wipe in and around the tub with a microfiber cloth removing all moisture;
Wipe the door and sides of the machine;
Wipe the rinse tub dry with a microfiber cloth;
Ensure that there is no fiber or lint stuck to the tub;
Keep both tubs open between washes to air dry; 

5. Do Semi-Automatic Machines Last Longer Than Fully Automatic Machines?

The general life expectancy of washing machines is around ten years. With the older semi automatic washing machines becoming outdated, getting replacement parts may have become difficult. A fully automatic washing machine may last longer as they come with a better warranty and customer service. 

6. Which is the best semi-automatic washing machine in India?

LG 6.5Kg P7550R3FA semi-automatic washing machine gets top ranking in India. Whirlpool has 2 popular models of semi automatic washing machines – Superb Atom 621 and SUPERB ATOM follows the LG machine as the next two popular machines in the Indian market.

7. Which is the best fully automatic washing machine in India?

Samsung 6.2Kg fully automatic top load is considered the best washing machine India has. Bosch full automatic front load washing machine follows a close second with LG top loading washing machine one of the top ten washing machines in India.

Wrapping Up

The market is flooded with washing machines, both semi automatic machines, and fully automatic machines. It also includes front load washing machines and top load washing machines. Any one of them can make the washing process easier with the full automatic washing machines also offering better washing quality. The advanced features in both washing and load capacity can lift the burden from the family as far as the washing procedure is concerned.

Finally, the right washing machine for you depends on your budget, the features you want, including the built-in heating function, hot washing cycle, with zero manual intervention. You now have all the relevant information needed to make a choice. If you are looking for better wash quality and want to wash clothes of all types, including delicate clothes, the fully automatic one is probably ideal for you.

Be it a front-loading washing machine or top-loading washing machine, you’re sure to find the most suitable one for your home needs.

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