What is 4c in Samsung washing machine

What is 4c in Samsung washing machine

Error codes in a washing machine can be nerve-wracking. It is not uncommon to receive an error code in a washing machine. It is most often a simple common reason that can lead to an error code in the washer. If your Samsung washer error persists, you can always reach out to professional assistance to repair the washer.

In this article, we will discuss the Samsung washer error code 4C. Let us take a brief look at the common reason for the 4C error code and how to fix it. Let us get started!

When a Samsung washing machine displays a 4C Error, what does it mean?

When a Samsung washing machine displays a 4C Error, what does it mean

A few reasons for the Samsung washer error code 4C are all connected to the water hoses. They can include a kinked water supply hose, blocked water hose mesh filter or blocked debris filter, blocked water inlet valve, dispenser drawer clogged or disconnected from water supply hose, water tap not connected, low water pressure in the water supply lines, not enough water in the drum, etc.

It is important to take a look at the power source, and hot and cold water supply lines and request service to find out what is wrong with the washer once the 4c error code is detected. If the 4C error code on the display does not resolve even after repair reach out for assistance. It is recommended to act at the earliest once the problem occurs. Treating the problem, be it in the hose, the machine, or the fabric softener and detergent drawer at the very beginning is the best way to solve the issue.

4C error code in Samsung washing machine

4C error code in Samsung washing machine

An error code 4C or 4E in the Samsung washing machine denotes that a problem with the water supply has been detected. A few reasons why the washer is unable to meet the water supply demand could be a blocked water hose or a kinked water supply hose. You can very well observe the issue that the washer has with the water hose connected or with the water supply line by paying attention to the water flow. This applies to both the hot water and the cold water supply. If you are unable to hear the water flow or view it from the glass door of the washing machine, you can confirm that the water hoses and the water supply need to be looked at.

Problems with the water supply can occur with the washer at any time during the washing process. For a consistent water supply during the washing process, many factors come into play like the water hose mesh filter, water pressure, water supply valve, water inlet valve, hot and cold water supply, and their water valves, water tap, soapy water outlet, etc. If either of these water valves or water hoses have trouble, they will prevent water flow and there will not be enough water for the washing process.

The 4C error code can therefore be displayed at the very beginning of the wash cycle or when it is time to rinse the clothes. Due to these hurdles, the soapy water will leave the Samsung washing machine via the drain hose and one can notice that there is no flow of pure water taking place.

Causes for an Error code 4C in Samsung washing machine

Causes for an Error code 4C in Samsung washing machine

Absence of cold water

Absence of cold water
Cold Water

If there is an absence of cold water in the drum, the washer will display an error code 4C. The cold water supply hose and the mesh filters that let the cold water in must be checked.

Water supply valve

Water supply valve
Water supply valve

The water inlet valve is a very important part to be checked. The water supply valve is capable of trapping foreign objects in them. The water supply valve can also collect too much dirt in its debris filter. A quick rinse and cleaning of the debris filter will solve the problem. If the water supply valve has other issues with it apart from the debris filter you must repair or replace the water supply valve.

Water hose connected

Water hose connected
Water hose connected

Apart from a kinked water supply hose, a poorly connected hot and cold water hose to the water tap can lead to problems. You must make sure that the hoses are connected properly. A hose that is not connected correctly to the water tap will prevent water from entering the washer at the required times without being blocked. This will cause a delay to fill the washer and interfere with washing the load.

Water pressure

Water pressure
Water pressure

Low pressure in the water supply system can be another reason why your Samsung washing machine displays a 4C error code. Take a look at the water pressure coming from the tap via the water supply hoses.

Detergent drawer

Detergent drawer
Detergent drawer

Did you know that the detergent drawer should also be connected to the hose? When the connection between the hoses and the detergent drawer is disrupted your Samsung washing machine will display the 4C error code.

The solution to the 4C error code on Samsung washers 

The solution to the 4C error code on Samsung washers 

As aforementioned, the above are a few reasons that can influence how the washer drum can fill. You must remember that you can always repair or replace any parts that affect the load from being washed in your Samsung washing machine due to the 4C error code. The following are the ways you can repair the problem or even replace the parts you have access to.

  • The first step to fixing the 4C error code is to check the cold water supply hose.
  • Do a quick check on the water pressure. When you fix the low water pressure it will help remove the 4C error code.
  • Samsung washing machine is recommended to have a water pressure level between 0.5 bar and 8 bar. Ensure the water pressure on your Samsung washer is within this range.
  • Fully power off the machine at the main power plug and move the washing machine to access the water hose. Fix any kinks or bends in the water hose.
  • Mesh filters are prone to trap any foreign object. Clean the mesh filter to remove any foreign object or dirt that has accumulated.
  • Repair or replace any part that cannot be fixed.

How do I know when to call a professional?

How do I know when to call a professional?

If the problem with the machine has nothing to do with the water hose mesh filters, water supply, and water pressure, bends in the drain hose or water hose; or in other words, nothing that you can fix by yourself at home, then it is time to reach for professional help. Problems with the water supply valve or any other internal problem are better left for repair by a professional.

Error/fault codes commonly found in Samsung washing machines include:

Here is a list of the different error codes that you might find in your Samsung washer.

LO or FL  – Door lock error

ds – Door is not locked

dc – Unbalanced load

Sud (F70) – Too many suds

lE – Water level sensor failure

nF- Water fill problem

LE – Low water level during cycles

OE – Overflow or high water levels

nF1 – Hot and cold water lines are reversed

tE – Water temperature is either too high or too lo

nd – Water will not drain

E2 – Stuck key on control board

3E – No signal from the drive motor tachometer

2E – Internal control board failure

AE – Communication error between the main PCB and sub PCB in the control panel

SF – Main PCB error persists

Hr – Heater relay failure


1. A Samsung washer needs to be reset. How do you do it?

If your Samsung washer needs to be reset you can refer to the owner’s manual. Some models can be reset by turning off the washer and turning it on or with the reset button. Refer to the manual to understand how the reset option works for your Samsung washing machine.

2. What is the procedure for entering diagnostic mode?

The procedure to enter diagnostic mode can be different for each model again. Some washers will have a dedicated Smart Check button for this purpose and also access to the Smart Check app that can be downloaded on your phone. Refer to the manual to learn how the diagnostic mode works for your washer.

In some of the Samsung washing machine models, you can enter the Smart Check mode that will display the error code that the washer has, by pressing the Rinse Times + Spin Time button simultaneously for 3 seconds.

3. In what way should the Samsung washer be drained?

You can follow these steps to drain your washing machine.
Disconnect the plug from the power supply.
Remove the filter cover.
Unscrew the drain cap from the emergency drain.
Hold on to the drain cap at the end of the drain hose and pull it out slowly.
Hold a tray or a container to begin the draining process.

4. After repairing a Samsung washer, how should it be tested?

To test your washing machine after repair you can run one wash cycle and then run the Smart Check again to rule out the presence of any error code.

Wrapping Up

With this, we end the article here. We trust you have a clear idea of what it means when your washing machine displays a 4C error code and what action can be taken to resolve it. Share with us your experiences with Samsung washer repairs and how did you fix an error code.

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