What is IE in LG washing machine?

Error codes in washing machines are not uncommon. If your washing machine has been tirelessly efficient at every wash cycle over the years, you may have come across an IE error code at some point in time. If you are new to an LG washer and you do not know what the IE error means, this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss in brief the LG washer IE error code, and how to fix an IE error code to ensure the washing machine can work properly. Let’s get started.

What does IE mean on an LG washer?

In the middle of a wash program or new wash cycle that the washing machine is working on, if the LG machine stops and the LG washer shows an IE error code it means that there is an issue with the water supply.

You can always refer to the user manual that comes along with an LG washer purchase to understand all the LG washing machine signals. If an LG washing machine displays an IE error code, it means you must take a look at the water supply. When LG washing machines do not have enough water supply and there is a problem filling the washer, you will have an IE error code displayed. This is a signal to pay attention to how and how long the washer fills.

IE error code in LG Washer
IE Error Code

The reason behind an LG washer IE error code or the water inlet error can be anything to do with the water flowing into the washer. It can be a faulty water inlet valve, faulty hot and cold water supply hoses, low water pressure, damaged water inlet valves or water inlet hoses, blocked water supply lines, blocked water filter, etc.

Each of these water inflow troubles can be fixed and made sure the washing machine is working properly. You must also take heart in knowing that it is easy to fix an LG washer IE error code, whether it is trouble with the water inlet valves or with the hot and cold water taps, water pressure switch, water hoses, water lines, or with the water inlet filters. Let us keep reading to learn how to fix an LG washing machine’s IE error code.

How to clear the IE code on LG washing machine?

Clearing an IE code in LG washing machines can be done once you are able to identify why LG washers display that code fixing the problem at the earliest. The following are the reasons why your LG washer IE error occurs and how you can fix them.

Fixing IE Error Code
Fixing IE Error Code

Fixing water supply lines and water inlet hoses

The LG washer in your home connected directly to the water supply must be free from blockage. Machines might have separate connections for the hot and cold water taps. The home’s hot water and cold water taps and hot and cold water supply hoses must be cleared from mineral deposits and other debris.

Fixing water supply lines and water inlet hoses
Fixing Lines & Hoses

Blockage in the water supply to the hot water and cold water taps will interrupt the water flow into the washer. Clear these blocks to ensure water flows seamlessly and to solve the LG washer IE error.

Check the water pressure

A fully functioning pressure switch and sufficient water pressure that can keep the water flowing via the water inlet valve are important. Low water pressure will not fill the valve and will reduce the water flow into your LG machine. This is the same for both a top load washing machine and a front load LG washing machine.

Kinked hose

Kinked Hose
Kinked Hose

Another reason for poor water flows is the blocked, kinked, or twisted water hoses. Kinks in any washer’s inlet hoses or drain hose will lead to reduced water flow. LG hoses are designed with the durability to stay free from damage from kinks and to withstand freezing weather conditions. Nevertheless, if you notice that the water hose; be it an inlet hose or drain hose has twists in them you need to fix it.

Fix the faulty water inlet valve

The water inlet valve controls the flow of water into the washer during a wash cycle. At the start of a new wash cycle, the water inlet valve will open to allow water to flow into the drum.

Fix the Faulty Water Inlet Valve
Fix the Faulty Water Inlet Valve

Water inlet valves are important components that connect the water inlet hoses to the machine. The Inlet hose and water inlet valve must be compatible, free from technical faults, receive the power supply and function accordingly, and safe from freezing weather conditions.

Water inlet filters

Debris and dirt accumulation in the water inlet filters and drain hose will reduce the performance. Clean the water inlet filters, in the inlet hoses, and drain hoses to ensure the water flows without trouble within the allotted time.

Water Inlet Filter
Water Inlet Filter

How To Test Your LG Washer After Fixing It?

Testing your LG washer if the IE error is fixed is simple. Run a complete new wash cycle from the start to make sure the LG washing machines’ signals are all clear. If the washer functions without any LG washer IE error code displaying on the panel and it completes the cycle within the allotted time, it denotes the machine is fixed.

LG front-load washer error codes and what they mean

Here are the error codes that appear in a front load LG machine and what they mean.

  • OE:​ Kinked drain hose or clogged drain pump filter.
  • IE:​ Water inlet error meaning that the machine is not getting enough water for the pre-wash and full wash cycle.
  • LE:​ The motor is locked due to a heavy wash load.
  • dE:​ Unable to lock the washer’s door.
  • UE:​ An unbalanced wash load; it could be either too heavy or too small.
  • SUD:​ Overuse of detergent that has resulted in too many suds.
  • PF:​ Power supply failure amidst a running wash cycle.

1. How long do LG washing machines last?

LG washers are well built and durable for several years. Most of the LG washing machine models come with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the motor. LG hoses and wire harnesses are also highly durable in quality, design, and function.

2. Who makes the LG brand?

The LG washers are manufactured by LG Electronics alongside LG Chem.

3. Is LG better than Samsung?

Both brands have their own set of pros and cons. LG is a better choice to get budget-friendly appliances with advanced features in comparison with Samsung.

4. What is the toll free number of LG?

The toll-free customer service number for LG is 1800 315 9999.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap to the article. We trust you learned what the LG washer IE error code denotes and how to fix them. Share with us your experiences on handling LG washer IE error codes, or the other error codes and how you arrived at a solution.

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