What is inverter washing machine – Is it Worth It?

Inverter washing machines are becoming increasingly popular because they come with digital technology that saves electricity. With the many benefits offered by an inverter washing machine, it is no surprise that people are choosing one of these models. What’s more, it uses renewable energy, and therefore, it is eco-friendly. 

Before buying an inverter washing machine, let’s understand what the inverter technology is all about. Armed with pertinent information, you should be able to choose the best washing machine for your home.

What is inverter technology in washing machine?

Inverter technology

The digital inverter technology enables our washing machines to work only as much as is necessary. There can be varying speeds based on the number of clothes you need to wash.
An inverter is a device that converts voltage, i.e., it converts the direct current to alternating current for all AC appliances. Our TVs, ACs, refrigerators, and computers, etc. are all such appliances. Having the motor run at the same speed or energy level means that it consumes the same amount of electricity regardless of the load needed by the appliance. 

The digital inverter technology has sensors to detect the amount of load that needs washing. Such washing machines use VFD (variable frequency drive) motors and can run at variable speeds. 

What is difference between inverter and non-inverter washing machine?

Inverter washing machines:

The main difference between an inverter washing machine and a non-inverter one is that the former empowers the machine to run at its optimum speed based on how much is loaded into the machine. With a VFD motor, their speed is managed according to the size of the washing load.

Non-inverter washing machines:

Non-inverter washing machine or the conventional washing machine maintains its level of maximum efficiency.  It has different moving components such as gears, belts, and rubbing brushes. The electricity consumed is high because the moving components cause a lot of friction. 

Pros and Cons of Using Inverter Technology in Washing Machines


Electricity needed to run a digital inverter technology washing machine is reduced by at least 20%. 
Long-lasting parts: Without the moving parts, there is no cause for replacement and so, the machine is more durable. 

Quiet machine: You get less noise because there are no rubbing elements. Conventional washing machines tend to make a racket with the amount of friction caused during a wash cycle.

Desired level of frequency and speed: Inverter technology can recognize the amount of energy needed immediately as per the size of the load, maintaining the level throughout the operation with the spinning cycle run at high motor speed, getting the clothes almost dry. 


The upfront cost: Inverter technology-driven washing machines may be more expensive than conventional technology ones.

Costly repairs: If the fully automatic washing machine breaks down because of a malfunction, it may be expensive to repair or to buy replacement parts. 

High-speed spin cycles: Spinning at high speeds may cause more wear and tear on the clothes. 

How to choose the best inverter washing machine?

Bosch 7 kg main

Washing machines have become a necessity in most households. With the new models coming out, there are additional features, functionality, wash programs, child lock, temperature control, and digital display, etc.

A basic checklist of what you need to make life easier is a good start. You will be able to decide which features are essential and which ones you can do without. Naturally, you would have to keep your budget in mind. Remember that an inexpensive one is not necessarily the best one nor is the most expensive one. 

However, buying a machine that can save on your monthly electricity bills will be a big draw. Also, machines that come with inverter technology will make you a friend of the environment because it uses renewable energy. Some of the other factors to consider include:

Loading type:

Do you want a front loader or a top loader? Obviously, the top loader occupies less space than the front loader if space is a constraint. Top load washing machines may also attract less mold or mildew without the rubber gaskets as on a front loading machine.


The capacity of the machine depends on the size of your family and how many clothes need washing on a daily basis.


Whether you buy a semi-automatic machine or a fully automatic one will depend on your budget.

Drum material:

The tub or drum is made of porcelain-enamel, plastic, or stainless steel. The stainless steel drum because it is longer-lasting, can withstand higher spin speeds, and does not rust, crack, or chip.

Fuzzy logic:

It selects the best washing conditions and decides the wash cycle depending on the type and load of the clothes.

Temperature control:

It regulates the temperature of the water as it is an inbuilt feature in fully automatic washing machines. 

Customizable wash and spin settings:

You can digitally control the panel for the best wash for the kind of fabric in the load. For instance, a gentle wash cycle can be selected for delicate garments. 

What is the use of smart inverter in washing machine?

Smart inverter technology in washing machines enables better performance. It has features like a brushless motor, fuzzy logic, quick wash options, tub clean that erases bad odor and sterilizes the wash drum, different features for wool, cotton, and gentler fabrics, smart cleaning to remove almost all detergent through the rinse, child lock, pre-set programs and time delay to have the machine wash clothes at your convenience.

1. Which type of washing machine is best for home use?

The washing machine works best at home when it comes with washing programs, makes less noise, and inverter technology so that your daily laundry is taken care of. A fully automatic, durable, with inverter motors are best as you can go about your other tasks without having to take care of the wash or dry cycles.

Other benefits include air turbo to help reduce the time needed for drying, smart technology that lets the machine decide the speed and frequency needed to wash the load, inverter technology to reduce the electricity consumption, and temperature control. Let’s not forget the need for prompt and efficient customer service if you need to call for assistance. 

2. Which brands manufacture the inverter washing machines?

A girl using top load washing machine

As of 2021, the brands that manufacture inverter washing machines include Samsung, LG, Godrej, IFB, and Bosch, and Whirlpool.

3. Which inverter washing machine is best?

Samsung inverter technology automatic machine tops the list of best inverter washing machines in India, with LG fully automatic top load machines following closely.

4. What is direct drive technology in washing machine?

Direct drive technology means that the machine’s digital inverter motor is directly connected to the wash drum without a pulley or belt. This causes less friction and therefore, smoother washing with little to no vibration, making it an energy saver. 

5. Which washing machines should you avoid?

While any type of washing machine can help families that need frequent laundry, some are best avoided. These few have been reviewed based on performance, customer feedback, durability, and cost.

Two models of Whirlpool washing machines, WTW8700EC and WTW5000DW are noisy, don’t remove stains, and take too long to wash.
 Summit SPWD 2201SS is also good to avoid. It takes too long to dry, doesn’t remove stains, and doesn’t have any mechanism to check the amount of water required.

Equator EZ4400, the front load machine is compact but has a poor performing dry cycle, the digital screens throw up too many errors, and has poor customer service.

Danby DWM99W top-loading machine requires manual adding of water, doesn’t remove stains on clothes, has poor customer service, and is expensive to maintain.

Deco 4400 CV front loading machine has a small capacity, not energy efficient, the display screen blacks out, and has a poor customer support and warranty.


Armed with the pertinent information regarding inverter technology washing machines, it is easy to choose the right machine for our home use. The objective of owning a washing machine is to make washing laundry an easy task.

Therefore, it makes sense to go for those washing machines that have automatic features and smart inverter technology allowing you to use the time you would spend washing on something else, making it well worth the investment.

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