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As much as washing clothes to perfection is important, it is also essential to give some thought to where to keep washing machine safely. Having the right spot for both a washing machine and a dryer unit is important. The storage space for washing machines must be equipped with the electrical outlets and water supply required to operate the machines; both a washer and dryer unit.

In this article, we will discuss where to keep washing machine, inside or outside the house, the storage space for washing machines, how to use any unused space in the house to carry out your laundry chores, and more. Let us get started!

Can you put a washing machine anywhere?

Finding the ideal spot to keep the washing machine inside the house is gaining popularity. Customers are coming up with innovative ideas to place washing machines not just in the right spot but also to hide the machine. Such creative ideas of interior design have led to decorative panels, floating shelves, bespoke shelves, in-built cabinetry for stacked washer and drying cabinets, bathroom cabinets or laundry cabinets with storage space for laundry supplies, even dirty clothes, and wet laundry, and more!

Modern washing machines can be placed strategically even on a small property. This small area must have access to a water supply and drain water outlet, and power. Even a limited space can be changed into the right spot to wash clothes and carry out a full laundry process. It requires proper planning of the space.

Let us take a look at a few of the innovative ideas that are used to easily accommodate front-loading washing machines and top loading washing machines.

In-built cabinets

A big closet or a long closet, small bathroom cabinets or laundry cabinets, etc., make the ideal spot for the storage of washing machines. Some homes build a long closet that comes with access to a closed door; like a single swing door or sliding door to accommodate washing machines neatly.

In-built Cabinets
In-built Cabinets

Adding floating shelves to this space is also helpful for storing laundry supplies and cleaning supplies. You can convert the cabinets in smaller bathrooms into storage areas to fit in a machine. An eco-friendly solution to add on is to allow the water to drain into flushing the toilet.

Washbasin counter

Using the space under the washbasin counter is also recommended to accommodate the washing machine. The area under a washbasin counter gives easy access to the water outlet, drain, water supply, and electricity.

Washbasin Counter
Washbasin Counter

You can use the space under the washbasin counter wisely by adding a single swing door that can hide the machine and open up against the wall without taking up space. You must ensure that the washing machine has been placed a couple of inches inwards from the countertop’s edge. Storing washing machines a few inches inwards from any countertop can help in avoiding knee and foot injury.

Kitchen counter

If your house is a small property you can make use of the space under the kitchen counter. You can hang curtains or install doors to hide the washing machine under the kitchen counter.

Washing Machine in Kitchen Counter
Washing Machine in Kitchen Counter

Landing laundry closet

Some houses come with the space to have a landing laundry closet. Those who prefer to wash clothes on the same floor as the bedroom can opt for a landing laundry closet. This space has a long closet or long corridor that comes with sliding doors at the very top of the stairs. Here you will find a stacked washer and dryer cabinet.

Landing Laundry Closet
Landing Laundry Closet

Some choose to install bi-fold doors and louvred doors rather than regular swing doors. One might find that regular swing doors take up more space and louvred doors are ideal for ventilation.

Laundry cabinet

Laundry Cabinet
Laundry Cabinet

Creating one’s own laundry cabinet out of a bookshelf or cupboard is another elegant setup for those with little room and wondering where to keep the washing machine. You can install mesh doors or sliding doors here to hide the washing machine when not in use.


Another brilliant idea is to make use of unused area and to keep the washing machine safe.

Shower stall

Shower Stall
Shower Stall

Both a washer and dryer can be stacked by simply creating a partition in the shower cubicle. You can shift the curtain rod in the shower cubicle to waterproof the shower stall.

Decorative panel

Small areas can be made to look elegant in housing the washing machine by adding a hinged folding panel, decorative panels, etc. Selecting the hinged folding panel or decorative panel with designs to match the existing decor will elevate the ambiance. Wooden accents can also be used to get polished decor.

Decorative Panel
Decorative Panel

Fixing a curtain rod and using simple curtains is any day an easier, inexpensive, and neat solution as well.

Bespoke shelf

Bespoke Shelf
Bespoke Shelf

The recent trend is adding a bespoke shelf with two tiers or more to camouflage the washing machine. A bespoke shelf can also be built with a top shelf to accommodate a foldout hamper to keep the semi-dried clothes once they are taken out of the washer. A bespoke shelf is indeed a good option for small spaces.

5 Factors To Consider Before Placing A Washing Machine:

In all the concerns to washing dirty clothes, we sometimes fail to pay attention to where to keep the washing machine safely. Not everyone has the room to keep a washing machine inside the bathroom or on the same floor as you wish. Having the right spot for appliances to allow them to function properly is important.

  1. The water supply and water outlet for both into and out of the machine are primordial when it comes to washing clothes.
  2. A plug socket for electrical appliances is mandatory, make sure the washing machine has access to it where it is placed in the house.
  3. Mesh doors or a closed door to keep rodents away if the washing machine is placed in an open space in the house.
  4. The place in the house must be able to accommodate the dryer and not too far from where you will dry the clothes.
  5. A sufficient place to open the doors in front loading washing machines if it is a small space.

How To Protect Your Washing Machine When Kept Outdoors?

Turning any unused space outside the home into a storage area for washing machines is a good plan, but it must be executed with caution. Here are a few things to remember when you have washing machines kept outside the house.

  • Make use of facilities to install mesh doors to keep rodents and insects away.
  • Electrical appliances must be kept in close proximity to a plug socket on the wall.
  • Make sure the washing machine has access to the water outlet or water supply, for both the washer and the dryer.
  • The washing machine and the wall must be protected from direct sunlight and showers. Ensure there is a shade above the washing machine. You can also cover the machine with a woven rug to keep it safe from the sun.

1. Can washing machine be kept in balcony?

If your house has little room, you can consider using the balcony or bathroom to keep the washing machine, both the washer and the dryer. Whether it is front loading washing machine or a top loading washing machine, both can be stored on the balcony or bathroom as long as the area is safe for appliances.

If the balcony space has high walls that can protect the washing machine against sun and rain you need not worry. However, if the area needs covering you can make it the right spot for your washing machine by adding curtains and doors.

2. Where do you put a washing machine in a small apartment?

You can accommodate a washing machine in a small apartment anywhere in the bathroom, under the kitchen counter, closet, balcony, or any of the spaces aforementioned in the article. You can incorporate methods that best suit your limited space.

3. Can you put things on top of washing machine?

Yes, you can place things on top of your front loading washing machine and not on the top loading washer. Even while placing things on the front loading washing machine you must be cautious not to damage the machine. Very heavy things or those things that are dangerous to be in close proximity to electrical appliances must be avoided.

4. Can rats get into washing machine?

Yes, rats can definitely get into a washing machine. This problem can be common in top loading washing machines when compared to front loading washers. Whether you place the washing machine in a bathroom or balcony, you must make use of mesh covers or anti-rat features to protect the wires and insulation on your washing machine.

Wrapping Up

With this, we end the article here. We trust you found ideas on where to keep washing machine safely. Share with us in the comments below where you store your front loading or top loading washing machine and how you have transformed the area.

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