Where to put liquid detergent in washing machine

Washing machines are one of the most useful inventions that make everyday laundry chores easy. Every washing machine will come with instructions that help you to get the best washing experience. Did you know that knowing where to put liquid detergent in the washing machine drawer is also important? Most washing machine drawers come with more than one compartment and we also have choices to wash clothes. To wash clothes we have liquid detergents, powder detergents, capsules, and more.

Using the liquid detergent or other detergents in the right compartment helps evenly distribute it. Where you add liquid detergent is as important as using the appropriate wash cycle to clean clothes. In this article, we will briefly take a look at adding the laundry detergent in the correct compartment in the detergent drawer and how to use liquid detergent. Let us get started!

Where do you put liquid detergent in a top loader?

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We understand sometimes there is confusion on where and how to add liquid detergent even in a regular top-loading machine. Some models of top-load machines come with compartments to have their laundry detergent added to. If the top load machines that you have do not have the laundry detergent drawer you can always follow this trick.

The rule is never to add too much detergent; be it a regular top-loading machine or a front loading machine. Different models have different wash cycle capacities and based on a load of laundry you can decide how much laundry detergent must be added.

Coming to top load machines, you must first add the dirty laundry to the drum. Based on the type and amount of dirty laundry that you are using, you can fill water or fill higher in the drum accordingly. If you are using capsules, which are nothing but liquid detergents already measured and packed, you can simply add one capsule for one load into the drum of clothes directly.

If it’s regular liquid detergent for clothes, you must first measure the detergent using a dosing ball. This ensures you are adding the right amount of detergent onto the machine for the clothes added in the washer. Adding excess of any product in the washer will damage the quality of the clothes.

Read the instructions on the detergent packaging to understand how much of it must be added for one load of clothes into the compartment or the drum of the washer, if it can be added in combination with stain remover, pre-soaking agent, water softener, fabric softener, etc.

When you have read the instructions on the box, measure the right quantity of the detergent for the clothes in the dosing ball and pour the product over the clothes in the washing machine. If you do not have a dosing ball, you can roughly estimate the amount needed for a load of clothes in the washer.

Remember, if any of the clothes have tough stains or greasy stains on them, you must pre-wash or pre-treat the clothes with a stain remover before starting the main wash cycle. Banking in the main cycle alone to act upon greasy stains will not help. Nor does it help to add excess detergent hoping that the main wash will remove the stains. This is how you add detergent liquids into a top load washing machine drawer or compartment or the drum directly.

Where do you put detergent in a front loader?

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Different models of front load washing machines have varied choices when it comes to the types of wash cycle they have to carry out washing clothes. Despite the different models, almost all types of front load washing machines have three compartments to add in the detergent to wash clothes.

Identifying where to put liquid detergent in a washing machine or the detergent drawer is simple. The washing machine will have instructions regarding the types of compartments in the detergent drawer. You can add the laundry detergent in the drawer in the front loaders.

Washing powder or powder detergent; liquid detergent, bleach, fabric softener; each of these types of pre-soaking agent or washing agent will go into the drawer in a front loading washing machine to wash clothes.

What are the 3 slots in a washing machine?

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The three compartments in a front-loading machine can seem a little intimidating. Adding the right product in the right quantity, in the right slot among the three compartments is important because it helps evenly distribute detergents.

The three compartments in the machine are meant for laundry detergent (powder detergents and liquid detergents), fabric softener or water softener, bleach, and other pre-soaking products. Which compartment to use liquid detergent in is simple to know from the instructions on the manual. If you cannot find the instructions, this will help.

The first compartment from the left among the three compartments with number ‘1’ is where you add liquid detergents or other detergents (wash powder or detergent powder, or one capsule ), stain remover for tough stains, or even bleach. Do not add too much detergent, use it to suit the appropriate wash cycle and the number of clothes.

The second compartment in the washing machine drawer is for fabric softener. The compartment for fabric softener will usually have a flower symbol in it.

The last compartment is for pre-wash agents like washing powder or other products.

Which is the best liquid detergent in India?

Surf Liquid

The best liquid detergent in India is Surf Excel Matic liquid. This has been designed with superior stain removal technology to act evenly on the most difficult stains. Unlike most other liquid detergents that might leave residue on clothes, you need not worry about that when you use liquid detergent from Surf Excel Matic.

It mixes evenly and distributes well into the clothes and the drum of the washer. It acts on the stains and maintains the fabric quality and colour. The rich texture and fragrance-free material ensure that clothes are crisp and clean even without using a softener.

Pros and Cons of Surf Excel Matic Liquid Detergent

  • Smooth texture.
  • Do not leave a residue.
  • Easily available on Amazon.in.
  • Natural fragrance.
  • Perfect for the main wash in the front-loading washing machine.

1. What goes first detergent or fabric softener?

The detergent goes first before the fabric softener in the washing machine.

2. Liquid Detergent Vs Washing Powder

Powder detergent is more economical than liquid detergents. But, liquid detergents are highly reactive and a better choice for hard or untreated water.

3. What happens if you put too much detergent?

When you add too much detergent in the washing machine drawer compartment or even while hand washing, it will result in:
1. Difficulty to rinse the soap suds thoroughly.
2. Dulling of fabric.
3. Spotted and itchy clothing.

4. What happens if you put washing powder in the fabric softener slot?

Using the wrong product in the washing machine drawer will damage the machine and also the clothes. You will have to repeat the main wash or wash cycle.

5. Can you put liquid detergent directly on clothes?

It is recommended to mix the detergent with water before adding it to the clothes. However, follow the instructions on the box.

Wrapping Up

With this, we end our article. We trust you are clear on where to put liquid detergent in washing machine and the reasons for it. Share with us your experiences of using liquid detergents and the products that have worked best for you.

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